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Nugenesis Dipping Powder Reviews 2024

Nugenesis Dipping Powder

One of the brands that offer this exciting nail polish system is Nugenesis. The Nugenesis dipping powder is enriched with calcium and vitamin E to give you strong and durable nails with a shine that won’t fade for weeks. It is also non-toxic, odor free, lightweight and flexible. Unlike gel polish, you won't need a UV nail lamp to attain the expected result. Just air dry your nails and you will have chip resistant nail polish color that is also fortified with essential nutrients that support strong nails.

A manicure that lasts for a couple more weeks is something that you can’t have if you are using a traditional nail polish. You will just end up paying for more or, if you DIY, you will need to spend several hours every couple of days to have your nails done. You’ll also constantly be dealing with chipped nails. And that’s the last thing you want to see if you have just planned to attend a party the next day.

It will surprise you to know that there’s a nail hack that has swept many DIY nail fanatics off their feet. That’s right. A simple change of the nail polish brand that you are using right now can give a lot of benefits to you and your nails. This nail craze is called the “dip powder nails”. With the dipping powder system, you will have to dip your nails in powdered pigments in between a base coat and a sealant. This will allow you to have worry-free nails for even up to three weeks. That’s a lot of money, time, and effort saved and a whole lot of enjoyment that you get for chipped free nails that look as gorgeous as they were the first day the mani was done.

Choosing a high-quality dipping powder, as well as proper preparation of the nails, are equally important to get a long-lasting manicure or pedicure.

To attain that gorgeous nails in no time, just follow the instructions below:

1. Prepare the nails. Use a fine sandpaper drum, a pumice stone, or a buffer to clean the surface of the nails. Then cut and shape the nails to the desired length and shape. When you have made the appropriate shape for your nails, buff once more. Give special attention to the edges of the nails. Make sure that there are no excess cuticles or old polish on your nails before you proceed to the next step.

2. Apply NuGenesis prep liquid. Apply a thin layer of the liquid to coat to the entire surface of all fingernails and air dry.

3. Apply NuGenesis base gel to the nails. Use a back-to-forward light motion to ensure that each nail is evenly covered with the base gel.

4. Dip the nail in the Nugenesis powdered pigment. Gently tap away any excess powder that remains on the nail and the skin surrounding it.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to ensure full and even coverage to each nail.

6. Apply NuGenesis activator liquid to each nail.

7. Once the nails are all coated, file around the cuticle area and follow the shape of the nail and remove all imperfections.

8. Buff the nails. Once done, wash the hands with water thoroughly. Don’t use any soap.

9. Re-apply NuGenesis activator liquid then air dry for about 30 seconds.

10. Apply a thin layer of NuGenesis finish gel to all fingernails. Do this twice. Then air dry for about 2 minutes.

11. Apply NuGenesis cuticle oil on your nails then massage around the cuticle area.

As you can see, the NuGenesis dipping powder system is an easy to use nail coating system that even a beginner can do perfectly on the first try. It is quite easy to remove as well. Just soak the nails with an acetone-free nail polish remover for about 15 minutes or wait for the nail coating to peel off. You can place small pieces of cotton soaked with some acetone-free nail polish remover to cover each nail with. Then wrap each nail covered with cotton soaked with the nail polish remover with a foil so that the solution won’t evaporate right away. Once the nail polish starts to peel off, just rub the remaining color on your nails and you are done.

Excited to try this new nail coating system?

Here a few interesting colors that you may want to try:


Nugenesis Dipping Powder Black

1. Starry Night

With a backdrop setting like the starry night, the possibilities are endless. This shade looks as dark as the midnight sky. It’s mysterious yet bold. Its deep color is unnerving, you’ll stay captivated any time.

2. Now that's black

Cat got your tongue? This black nail dip powder coat is one that you won’t miss out. Now that’s black.


Nugenesis Dipping Powder Gray

1. Seal Gray

Such a deep classic gray that has a tailored feel will look appealing on your nails, don’t you think? It’s rich and and not boring. It’s quite delightful to look at actually.

2. Rockstar-nugenesis

For darker skin tones, this gray shade will work perfectly fine. A creamy light gray that is just enough to make you feel light throughout the day.


Nugenesis Dipping Powder Orange


1. Safety Orange

For a color as dazzling as this, it will be quite easy for your nails to stay on the safe side. It’s bright and warm. There is no need to hide. Safety orange will just play it right.

2. Finding Nemo

It’s a color that’s so orange. It may want you to go on a voyage. It’s all fun and sun. Finding Nemo is a perfect shade for an instant mood-lift.


Nugenesis Dipping Powder Red


1. Best Friends

Call your best friend. It’s to chatter with a nail color as cheerful as this, it will be easy for your best friends to gel with you.

2. Red Red Wine

Oooh, that’s very red. It looks so enticing like the red wine that is so sweet but can put you to sleep. That shade can mesmerize. It can also hypnoptize. It will be easy to invite their attention and keep them looking at it.


Nugenesis Dipping Powder White


1. Latte Love

This creamy white looks so clean. Once it gets your attention, it will be difficult to pull it off. It’s Latte Love that keeps you wanting for more.

2. Snow White

Snow White’s stunning. It glitters like the snow that’s been touched by the evening light. It’s captivating and uplifting. Apply it on your nails and see them glow.


Nugenesis Dipping Powder Yellow


1. Queen Bee

Oh, hail the queen bee. Such glorious color it is. It’s one cheerful shade you would like to lavish your nails with. It will bring a lot of s and a whole lot of admiration!

2. Mardi Gras

Do you like dancing wild in the sun? This shade will make you want to do it. Get in the groove and show those moves. Put your colors on and be ready to play on.


Nugenesis Dipping Powder Green


1. Poison Ivy-nails

That’s an eye-catcher. She the creamy blend of green and blue in this hue” Beware! It’s totally enthralling. You will have poison ivy-nails that others will find difficult not to stare at.

2. Goddess

 This shade shimmers and glitters. You will look like a goddess when it’s on your nails to lavish. It’s an interesting shade that brings all the glamour in you.


Nugenesis Dipping Powder Blue


1. Road To Success

The sky looks bright and blue. It’s your road to success and that is totally true. Let it stay on you and you will be loving it too.

2. Blue Suede Shoes 

It’s a perfect blend of blue that will take your blues away. Keep it all night and you won’t be able to say no. On your nails, it will stay and for weeks it will glow.


Nugenesis Dipping Powder Brown


1. Wicked

That’s totally wicked! This hue will steal your heart. It’s not the usual shade that you see. But, oh girl, when you try it on your nails, you’ll see it will perfectly fit.

2. My Boyfriend's Back

With this on your dainty nails, it will be easy to say, “My boyfriend’s back.” For sure many will claim such gorgeous nails that are so intriguing to look at and so good to keep too.


Nugenesis Dipping Powder Nude


1. Desert Palm

It’s not easy to be in a hot place like the desert, but if you got this hue on your nails it’s like you have the desert palm that can keep all the worries away.

2. First Class

Your nails will really look first class with this to cover them up. It’ll make your hands looking fresh all day. It will be as easy as pie to get all the smiles.

Now, you are ready for an exciting change. Pick one from these exciting colors and make your mark with NuGenesis dipping powder at once.