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DIY Manicure - Effective Solution to save Money This Christmas

DIY Manicure - Effective Solution to save Money This Christmas

Why is DIY manicure an effective solution and save money for girls before Christmas? Let's answer this question with us, firstly, we have to learn about manicure and DIY manicure first! In the nail making process, Manicure and Pedicure are two basic care services that professional nail technicians need to know. Manicure is derived from Latin, “mani” (manus) meaning hand, “cure” meaning caring, healing. So, Manicure can simply be understood as hand care services. In Salon Nail, Manicure services are hand-cutting services, nail care, nail files, which can be combined with hand care and massage. DIY stands for "Do It Yourself", it means doing things yourself. So, DIY manicure means doing your own nails and of course, that will help you get creative and save a lot of money. On this Christmas, why don't you come up with ideas and create beautiful, unique nail designs for yourself, your mother and sister without having to go to a faraway and crowded nail salon?

Why Should “DIY Manicure” Be Encouraged This Christmas

DIY Manicure - Effective Solution to save Money This Christmas

Good health care and beauty is currently one of the fields that many women are interested in. This is also one of the beauty trends that many skillful women want to do at home without having to regularly go to the repair shop, while saving a lot of money to spend for their family, and can Unleash your creativity, unleash your passion with nail designs that you like.

DIY Manicure - Effective Solution to save Money This Christmas

"DIY manicure" is becoming more and more popular in many countries around the world and it is a trend that is encouraged by many women. Of course, doing nails at the salon is very good because then, you will be taken care of by nail experts and comfortably enjoy the moment. But now, especially on major holidays of the year, especially the upcoming Christmas, if you choose to go to nail salons to get your nails done, you will have to spend a lot of money for expensive service fees and in addition, customers in and out of the nail salon are also extremely crowded, so you will spend a lot of time waiting for your turn to experience the services at the nail salon. That can inadvertently affect your schedule for the day a lot. Today, over time, DIY Manicure is more and more innovative, there are many tools, bundles, and nail kits at extremely reasonable prices for you to buy and experience them yourself at home. Besides that, a lot of modern gel nail polish product lines help to nourish human nails more healthier and softer. So, let’s find out how to do simple and beautiful nails at home that anyone can do!

Let's Start to Redecorate the Nails

Here are extremely detailed and simple steps that you can practice at home without the help of a "manicurist" but also buy yourself a very beautiful nail set.

Prepare nail tools at home

Before you want to own satisfactory nails, the use of full nail tools plays an important role, supporting you throughout your manicure process when you do it at home without any tools. the support of nail technicians. Below is a list of tools that can better assist you in your nail art process.

Here are simple tools and more specialized tools in nail art for beginners and for those who love to create and paint decorations at a higher level of skill in nail art.

Regular nail polish or gel nail polish colors: Are the colors that you love and are prepared to mix them together.

Topcoats and primers: In addition to the color paints that highlight your personality, there are other types of paint such as topcoats and polishes that help your nails not only be protected for a long time, but also help to enhance the beauty of your nails. up the beauty of nails.

Primer(base polish): helps prevent real nails from direct contact with the paint color, avoiding long-term yellowing of nails.

Glossy polish (top gel): helps the nails to be more durable and high glossy.

In particular, when buying a nail polish set, you should give priority to choosing products of good quality, which can be preserved longer and do not harm your nails.

Nail accessories

  • Nail stones (flowers, snow needles, beads, …): Depending on the types of nails you want to do, the preparation of tools and decorations for the nails will be different.
  • Nail brush: 2 brush strokes, calligraphy brush, beard brush, gel brush (for those of you who already have a certain level of skill in nail art and are fond of painting). Because a brush with a reasonable thinness will help you paint easily; and decorate more nail textures.
  • Stickers: it is one of the very easy to use and cute accessories for nail design, when you are a beginer to nail art or you are too busy, you can use stickers with many different shapes and colors to stick it on your nails before applying top gel to decorate your nails, especially for Christmas, you can use stickers with pine trees, Santa Claus or stripes inspired by cute candies and gift boxes to stick on your nails and create accents for your nails instead of having to meticulously draw or design them.

Simple Steps to Do Nails at Home

DIY Manicure - Effective Solution to save Money This Christmas

Here is how to make simple nails at home. If you are just starting to try manicure, we recommend you try simple nail designs like smooth nail designs and then when you have mastered the manipulations, it depends on your personal preferences. You can style your nails to highlight your personality (like painting flowers or attaching stones,…However, whether it is a smooth nail design or a stone nail design; To draw textures, all nail designs must go through the following basic and necessary steps:

Step 1: Trim and clean nails

First, you need to wash your hands with warm water so that your hands are cleaned of dirt and dead cells. Then you use pre-prepared nail trimming tools. You cut so evenly, avoid long nails, short nails. However, depending on your nail style, you will cut your nails accordingly. A small note is that the longer the nail, the better the painting process; and shape the nails as even and beautiful as possible.

Step 2: File your nails

This is when you use your nail file to gently file each nail evenly and beautifully. Make nail shaping easier than ever.

Step 3: Soak your nails with warm water

After the step of trimming and filing the nails, the horny substance; and cuticle crumbs will fall off and get stuck in the crevices and around the nails. This problem will make it more difficult for young nails to do nail art. So, after the file cutting step, you should clean the cuticle by soaking your hands in warm water. Soaking time usually falls in the range of 1 to 2 minutes to clean the nails and remove the dirt stuck to the nails.

Step 4: Primer

Use a primer to gently apply a thin layer to each finger, then let it dry. This helps protect your base coat; and create a base for the nail polish that is about to be applied to your nails.

Step 5: Coating

This step is extremely important. The choice of gel nail polish colors, and styling; The look on your nails depends on your top coat. You choose a gel nail color that matches your skin tone or favorite color and then lightly apply it on your nails. You sweep 2 to 3 times to get your nails up to the desired color standard; as evenly colored as possible. Then you let it dry for a while.

Step 6: Applying top gel

After the topcoat has dried, use a glossy polish to gently cover the painted nail. This step helps the nails to be beautiful, shiny and keep the color longer.

Final thought

To both beautify and save money as well as time and effort, you should choose some kinds of nail kits to help you easily do nails at home. Try DIY manicure and share your Christmas nail styles with us now!