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SNS Nail Dipping Powder Reviews 2024

SNS Nail Dipping Powder Reviews 2024

For nail fanatics, it will always be necessary to know what is trending to attain the best-looking nails minus all possible complexities. They know that women today are more health conscious as they are beauty conscious. With so many options available in the market today in any product category, manufacturers need to provide the most beneficial alternatives. This post will answer your questions regarding one nail enhancement system that remains ahead of the game.

When it comes to nail enhancement, we are all aware of different nail polish options: lacquers, gels, gel-type, and dipping powders. Moreover, several brands are constantly innovating their formulations to provide what their end users require -- nails that are not only gorgeous but also strong and healthier. But there are brands like the SNS that remained undeterred and continuous to be ahead of the competition with every turn.

SNS: The First In Nail Enhancement

SNS: The First In Nail Enhancement


SNS is short for Signature Nail Systems. It has been around for 30 years and was the first to introduce the dipping powders. Each of the dipping powder that the company formulated came with a base that is packed with nutrients (vitamins A, E, D, E, and B5, plus calcium) that support nail growth. Application of this polish resulted in a dramatic change in the growth of the nails. Instead of causing harm to the nail bed, each use of the new formula improved its health instead.

With everyday wear, nails painted with SNS polish become super-strong and with a durable surface that lasts for a full two weeks. In essence, the brand has provided a nail enhancement system that is not only cost-effective but is also simple, and healthy for the nails.

Today SNS dipping powder offers a growing number of dazzling shades, each producing the same unique finish - a stunningly and glossy surface. The brand also started to promote its new gel product called GelStar. This nail polish alternative works like a gel polish but is healthier than other gel nail coatings.

Benefits of using SNS Nail System

It leaves a natural look. The SNS nail system leaves a thinner and smoother finish that looks more like natural aesthetics on the nails.

It lasts longer on the nails. Even though the SNS coating may feel light on your nails, they are actually durable. They can last for up to 14 weeks and will stay intact without fading its color and without peeling or breaking.

It does not need UV lamp curing. Unlike other dipping powder or gel alternatives, the SNS nail system does not require curing under a UV or LED nail lamp. That makes this nail enhancement option more safe to the skin as well as to the nails.

It is odorless. No one won’t know you are having your nails done if you are using SNS products as it does not emit any unpleasant smell like many nail polish brands.

It does not stain. For those who work with the hair and with dyes, this will be a plus factor.

It leaves a flexible and strong finish. Nails done with SNS nails are flexible and strong. The formula combines the best of acrylics and gels so you can wear your nails longer without ever seeing them getting chipped off or peeled off.

It is easy to maintain. SNS nails are quite easy to maintain as long as possible. Just refill the nail coatings every few days to ensure that the colors stay fresh.

It is a safe alternative to traditional lacquers. SNS nails products are formulated to be free from parabens, phthalates, synthetic sulfate, triethanolamine, formaldehyde, toluene and DBP.

It is healthy on the nails. As each SNS nails product contains calcium and vitamins A, E, D3 and B5, you are continuously supplying your nails with these health-giving nutrients.

There are hundreds of shades to choose from. SNS offers about 400 shades of Gelous pigments. You will never run out of choice if ever  you would like to have a change of shade on your nails.

It is an easy and quick process. The application process is quite easy, does not require a separate primer to complete, and dries in about two minutes.

It does not require much filing. Application of SNS nails does not need much filling, like other nail coating options. This makes the process a little less time-consuming and a little friendlier on the nails as well.

Proper Application of SNS Nails

It is easy to have your nails done with the SNS nail system. Here is a quick overview of how it is done.

Prepare the nail surface. Lightly push back the cuticles and gently buff the surface of your nails.

Tim and cut the nails to the desired shape.

Paint a thin and even layer of the base coat.

Let the nails dry for a minute. Then, apply a medium coat of the gel base and dip the nails (one after another) into the fine colored powder.

Repeat step 4.

Dust off the excess powder with a brush. Then apply the sealer. Once done, shape and buff the nails.

Apply a second layer of the sealer, plus two thin coats of gel top.

Once the nails are already totally dried (it will take about 30 seconds), you may apply the nourisher and massage the fingers and your hands.

Proper Removal of SNS Nails

Although the ingredients on SNS nails may be healthy on your nails, the removal process may be damaging if it is not done properly.

When your nails need a fresh coat of polish, you need to follow these steps to remove the old polish properly. 

Sand the old nail polish on your nails. This will make it easier and quicker for the old polish to peel off from your nails. Be careful to sand off the gel surface or the shine only. 

Soak your nails in acetone-free nail polish remover for about ten minutes. Using a cotton pad, remove any pigment residue on your nails. 

For some of the interesting shades that you may consider when choosing the right SNS nail color, you may opt to pick a couple of shades from the list below.

Gelous Dipping Powder

SNS Gelous Collection


The SNS dipping powders are available in are many shades. You will never run out of choices with the wide variety of options you have from this brand.

1. SNS Summer Colors

Pick one from these colorful shades of summer. These are light and bright shades that will make you feel on your toes any time. There are single shades, metallic, nude, glitter, multi, and so much more. You will never run out of styles with the wide selection available here.

2. SNS Color Collections

There is one for every season of the year from this collection. There’s one for spring and another for fall. If you are looking for trending colors for weddings, you may opt for one of the colors in their bridal collection. Out for a holiday? A chic shade may perk you up from SNS’ holiday collection. Up for a matte look? This black gray hue will just be perfect for you. What to go nude? This yummy shade will make anyone’s eyes glued on your nails the whole day long. You can check out this bubbly hue here.

SNS Pink and White Dipping Powders

SNS Pink and White Dipping Powders SNS Pink and White Dipping Powders


French White is just perfect a soft baby pink nail polish shade. This is also one of the most favored SNS polish shades. The sheer white hue will just be perfect to style your nails in a French manicure. The two shades will look elegant on anyone’s nails.

SNS Liquids

SNS Liquids


There are various liquids used in the SNS Nails System. These include the gel base, gel top, sealer, various refills, bond, thinner and lacquer matching. 

SNS Nail Kit

SNS Nail Kit


For some of the best combinations, consider any of the SNS nail sets available here. Here are our recommended kits. 

1. SNS Pink and White Kit

This pink and white kit contains 10 colors: French white 02oz, American white 02oz, Natural set 02oz, Natural set sheer 02oz, Natural fill 02oz

Natural pink 02oz, Dark pink 02oz, X Dark pink 02oz, Natural balance out 02oz

Pink Glitter F2 02oz. This package comes with a free French dip molding.

2. SNS Student Kit 3

The SNS Student Kit 3 offers the basic essentials that you may need to create easy and beautiful French manicure or pedicure. This is a perfect choice if you would like to try the product. 

Student Kit 3 comes with 3 powders, 7 gels. The powders are as follows: Natural Set, Natural Pink, and French White. The gels included are the Gel Base, Brush Saver, Sealer Dry, Brush on Glue, Gelous Base, Gel Top, and Vitamin Oil

For healthy and gorgeous nails that you can wear for even up to three weeks, consider opting for SNS nails. With every application of this nail polish shade, you are sure that you are providing nourishment to your nails. Your beautifully painted nails will be able to resist chipping or breaking, so you can wear them longer without fear.