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Top 10 Best Beauty Blogs to Follow

Best Beauty Blogs

You must have read this phrase: ‘beauty is an expensive problem’ not once, but many times and probably wondered what it means. But come to think about it, what is beauty if you do not make the most out of all that there is to look gorgeous and attractive? Also, how would you be able to talk about beautiful people without mentioning top blogs that fashion enthusiast follow to keep abreast with the latest dress code trends?

Beauty Blogs

Moreover, without having the know-how regarding latest information ranging from clothing and apparel, hair care accessories, jewelries, skincare cosmetics to shoes and handbags, beauty would be an empty word.  To cut a short a long story, grooming comes with a lot of sacrifices, but nothing will help you put everything into perspective like following blogs/websites that explore the subject in great depth and details.

In this post, therefore, take a dive further to discover some of the best beauty blogs you should follow in 2019. Some have outlived many years of competition and are still spot-on in every measure.

Pretty Connected

On, there is more to jest up your quest for a great look every day. Created more than a decade ago in New York City, it has grown by leaps and bounds to become one of the most sought after beauty blogs on the blogosphere. Today, it emphasizes topics such as health, fashion, lifestyle and travel. Pretty Connected has been featured on several top magazines such as Vanity Fair, Marie Claire, Glamour, Elle, Life&Style, Real Simple and many others.

Real Asian Beauty

Asia is known for its domineering presence on the world’s fashion stage, especially on matters of jewelries. It is no surprise, therefore, that makes it to this list of top beauty blogs. It features several categories to suit needs of wide-ranging audiences. Founded in June 2011, it is a platform that features several topics ranging from acne care remedy tips, personal development information, hair and skin care, beauty DIY and more.

Most women begin to worry as soon as they hit 40 years of age, and their major concern is how to take care of their bodies without causing damage to skin or hair. Well, with, it is that time you took a leap into a blog of wonders and learn from tons of information on subjects such as beauty tips, drugstore beauty, skincare, hair care and also get a chance to choose from top reviewed products for women over 40.


Most beauty blogs only contain information that is devoid of actionable tips. However, that is not the case with It is a one-stop beauty platform that covers wide-ranging topics, including actionable tutorials. Learn from sections such as dupe list, swatches, makeup reviews and foundation mix tips. Also, take a trip on its blog, and join a community to learn from members too.

Beauty Crazed is a Canadian based blog you should follow. Founded by Lisamarie and Christelle who say they have a problem with restraints, there are a lot of takeaway tips to revamp the glow of your skin and hair on this website. The two help you break down the nattiest and grittiest of new products in the market and also advice on picks that will jest up your makeup bag.

Living Pretty Naturally is another blog worth following in 2019. Whether you are looking for natural body care products, nutrition tips or something to revamp your fitness journey, it is the place to be. Also get to shop for natural beauty products and learn about ingredients to avoid.

Trailer Trash Tattoo is a blog that you need to shop for medical products. It is a top destination for every beauty enthusiast out there who would wish to also learn about tattoos, tanning and supplements whole choosing ideal products for self-care at the same time.

Puce Beauty

If you are looking for an all-inclusive blog on matters of beauty, then is worth bookmarking for everyday reading and shopping guide. Learn about manicure, makeup, tanning, beauty, skin conditions such as acne, tips for pregnant women and skincare advice, all in one place.

The Sunday Girl is a beauty blog covers topics such as skincare, makeup and product reviews. Whether you want to shop for beauty products or books that will help you take a leap into the world of skincare, it is a top UK blog that won’t disappoint.

The Beauty Wolf

On this blog, there is plentiful of everything you need to know about beauty. Most importantly, take a breathtaking walk into the world of beauty as you learn from personalized stories and shop for skincare and makeup products. There is a review section that walks you through meticulously handpicked products to keep you visiting beauty wolf blog.