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What You Will Get from LDS' Cat Eyes Gel Polish?

Cat Eye Gel Polish

The cat eye effect while is loved by many people, especially nail technicians. So many nail artists love to mix a few or the whole hand with cat eye paint because the light line on the paint background gives us the feeling of magical, glittery nails. Cat eye gel colors polish on the market is very popular and there are many types of cat eye gel nail polish. Stores that sell nail products and nail products can't do without a few cat eye sets for their customers. A special feature is the magnet bar while using this gel polish to create a fancy effect for your paint samples, depending on the ingenuity of each nail technician, you can get beautiful shimmering nails as you want. So what is cat eye nail gel color? How to use cat eye gel and what to describe and note when using cat eye gel.

What Is Cat Eye Gel Polish?

Cat Eye Gel Polish

Cat's eye gel polish is a professional salon product line made in gel technique, used in the application of nail polish to suit the needs of the customer. The product is the perfect combination of gel polish and creative emulsion to create a cat's eye effect with soft, feminine colors that are easy to mix and match. We will combine cat's eye gel polish with matte gloss or top gloss to create a fancy and beautiful effect.

Which Products Should We Use?

On the beauty market today, there are many types of gel polish, especially the popular glitter gel polish lines like cat eyes! Many questions have been raised that "is it possible to both follow the trend of beauty and ensure health?"

Today we will answer that question for you. All beauty product lines in general and nail polish in particular have a lot of ingredients in them. But whether that ingredient is safe for your nails and health depends on the reputation of the company and the price of the product. Reputable paint companies and always show all product information clearly will bring customers the best experience with products that are both beautiful and safe for consumers' health. And today, we'd like to cover the LDS line of Cat Eyes Gel. LDS is known as a brand that provides specialized nail products including gel nail polish, regular nail polish, glitter polish, gel top nail polish, base gel,...! Although it was born not long ago, this brand has left many good impressions in the hearts of many consumers, including the most demanding customers thanks to the "Healthy" criterion that is always put on the top and colors. exquisite, cute and luxurious different. Support girls who can do their nails regularly and still not worry about damaging their nails.

The Advantages of LDS Healthy Gel

LDS' Cat Eyes Gel Polish


All product lines of LDS are made in the US, with clear origin and origin. LDS is confident that their products are not only beauty products for nails but also add vitamins and nutrients to help strengthen nails. In addition, harmful chemical ingredients have been removed and restricted from use by LDS in their product lines. For this extremely popular cat eyes nails trend, LDS also quickly updated 36 very beautiful colors, satisfying most of the needs of girls and women! In particular, the collection that is extremely worth trying this spring is Diamond Cat Eyes collection - 1 of 3 cat eyes collections of LDS. It still retains the advantages of healthy, glossy,... On the other hands, it has good coverage without wrinkle. Besides that, all of 9 colors in LDS Diamond Cat Eyes collection are so flashy and smooth, nail sets that using them can last up to 21 days with no damage!

Another special thing that LDS brings to you is "price". With the outstanding advantages mentioned above, everyone would think that it would take a lot of money to get such durable and beautiful nails, but no! LDS brings customers quality products that are not inferior to products from long-standing brands thanks to the improvement of technology and techniques. Most of LDS's gel polish has a much more reasonable price than the common ground, you will not have to spend too much money to upgrade the beauty of your hands, but still own the most perfect nails when selecting LDS Diamond Cat Eyes collection.

Description of LDS Cat Eye Gel Polish!

Cat's eye gel polish is designed with a compact bottle shape, numbered colors in order from 01 to 018, with a capacity of 1.5oz, convenient for the process of using, moving and storing. Consists of 2 main parts, the lid and the body of the bottle containing the varnish solution. The rotating lid with delicate decorative motifs, is labeled with the name and color code right on the lid, it is connected to a soft and smooth paint brush, easy to contact the nail surface. The body of the bottle is made of non-breakable glass, covered with a glossy and luxurious black paint, which helps to protect the gel inside under the influence of the external environment. In addition, when using the product, a magnet bar is required to create a cat's eye effect.

Some Notes When Using Cat Eye Gel Colors!

  1. Store the product in a cool, dry place.
  2. During use, keep the product away from the gel heater to avoid affecting the quality of the product.
  3. All details about the product cat's eye gel polish, how to use cat's eye gel polish, how to make cat's eye gel polish: Please contact us according to the information at the end of the website for instructions and answers to questions.
  4. Be careful and pay attention when buying, avoid buying floating and unknown products on unreliable websites.

Final thought

So, you have understood a new nail polish technique - Cat Eyes effect. Increasingly, new nail polishes and beauty technologies have brought more amazing techniques. As a nail technician, you need to update more advanced nail techniques and hone your skills regularly.