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How to Apply Glitter Nail with LDS Glitter Collection 2024

How to Apply Glitter Nail with LDS Glitter Collection 2024

LDS glitter collection is a collection of glittering powders that provides healthy and strong nails. This glittering collection also grants flawless and beautiful nail care ends that you desire. The Lavis dipping system glitter collection is different from other nails collections due to the absence of an Ultraviolet lamp for drying the nails.

The glitter collection has a welcoming scent that makes the nails to smell pleasant when used. Dip powder nail treatment is also known to be harmless to your nails, no matter how long it lasts.

LDS nail glitter collection is accurately safer and secured on nails than other glitter collections. It causes no damage to nails and prevents harmful nail removal processes. The glittering collection has large durability that prevents everyday nail care and has reasonable patching durations. It lasts on nails for a month with no peeling.

LDS Glitter Collection


The topcoat application is the essential ingredient when opting for LDS glittering nail collection. The topcoat enables the paint to stick on your nails properly and detains the color from swelling or peeling no matter the average of water contact. You can also have a glowing or glittering nail from your home's comfort with the use of LDS nail glittering collection.

However, LDS glitter collection provides a smooth outcome such as acrylic nail care but doesn't require any light to harden. LDS glittering collection last on nails for a month than other nail colors. This glittering collection is the recent nail care technique that catches people's attention. The requirement for the LDS nails glitter application.

  • A top coat
  • Liquid latex ( not mandatory, but advisable)
  • Your chosen glitter nail polish
  • A makeup sponge
  • A base coat

A topcoat is purposely useful for nail sealing, and when you opt for a long-lasting polish and coat, it will provide you with a long-lasting nail color that can be worn more than a month if properly maintained.

The topcoat also prevents the Ultraviolet rays from nail color destruction and protects the nails from water and other things that might damage your nail care.

When you use a topcoat, it will give your nail care a top performance. Although the topcoat will soften the nail when applying the Lavis dipping system glitter collection on the nails. Topcoat is formulated with glitters that add sparkle to your desired color without any odor.

Liquid latex: the liquid latex will provide shiny nail care when opting for LDS glitter collection on your nails.

Glitter nail polish: LDS glitter nail polish gives a shiny and glittering look to the nail.

The glittering look makes nails to be presentable and adorable.

A makeup sponge: the makeup sponge is responsible for scrubbing and rubbing the polish on the nails.

This helped the polish stick to the nails and made it appear smooth on nails without leaving any particles. Lavis dipping system glitter collection is so gorgeous to desire, such a varnish to wear. Anyone who continually uses nail polish or even for once will know that achieving perfect, smooth, dried, and gloomy nail care and removal is not comfortable. 

Let's now consider the procedures for applying LDS glitter collection on nails

Step-by-step apply glitter nail with LDS Glitter Collection

LDS Glitter Collection


Step 1

Apply your topcoat: Topcoat must be applied in an invisible layer on nails to cover the nail tips for hygienic prevention. Applying the topcoat must be protected from contacting the skin because it will be peeled off the nail polish if it contacts the skin. With a strong and quality topcoat, your nail care is secure to give a beautiful and adorable look.

Step 2

Match the nail skin with a liquid latex: a liquid latex such as moisturizing oil, Jojoba oil can be applied on the nail skin to prevent the epidermis from being covered with polish. The liquid latex must be applied immediately after the application of topcoat on the nails. This process helps the glittering nails to be easier and simple to wear.

Step 3

Apply your selected LDS nail glitter on the makeup sponge edge: The LDS nail glitter collection must be put on the makeup sponge edge for proper and smooth application on nails.

Step 4

Place the sponge on your nails: When you put the sponge on your pin, it will absorb the actual nail polish and leave the glitter aside, so it goes on dense and transparent on the nail.

Step 5

Scrape off the liquid latex: you must clean the liquid latex on the nail. Apply your topcoat to prevent the glitter from chipping and peeling.

Characteristics of LDS glitter collection

The following are the characteristics of the Lavis dipping system glitter collection. These characteristics distinguish it from other dipping systems:

  • Quick to patch
  • It has a delightful scent
  • Absence of Ultraviolet Ray to cure
  • It is smooth and glossy
  • Ability to spread on nails quickly and smoothly
  • It has the strength to cover nail ridges and lines
  • It comes with a long-lasting coat
  • It requires fewer minutes for applying glittering collection on nails
  • It sticks to nails easily.
  • It provides lasting non-peeled nail care

Lavis dipping system essential collections include: black, blue, silver, green, yellow, nude, grey, brown, beige, orange, white, metallic, pink, purple, and coral colors.


Lavis dipping system glitter collection makes nails feel natural; it grants a healthier and stunning nail increment. The glitter collection increases nail length, protection, and nail glowing. When you follow the listed guidelines for applying LDS nail glitter collection on the nail, it will give you nail care that can last more than a month if correctly done.

LDS glitter collection gives strong, simple, and lightweight nail care. This product is less expensive than other nail care brands, and it provides a glowing nail finish. However, it is sealed in a thin formula which makes it flexible to be carried around. LDS nail glitter dipping system are indeed a classy trend, with that flawless finish to your nails and build that confidence.