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Kiara Sky Dip Powder Reviews: The Perfect Choice for the Summer of 2024

Kiara Sky Dip Powder

Gorgeous nails can now be achieved easily. They can last even longer. Thanks to a number of nail polish alternatives, such as the Kiara Sky dip powder system, many are now enjoying weeks of chipped-free color-coated nails.

Traditional nail polish has usually been the regular treat for women who love to wear colors on the nails. The nails look charming, but after a few days, the nails will need a fresh application of nail pigments. Eventually, the nails look dry and may also be discolored. Constant exposure to the chemicals in regular acrylics make the nails brittle. The nails will have to go through the frequently to keep the nails looking beautiful.

Thanks to some nail polish brands like Kiara Sky, your nails need not suffer any longer. Unlike traditional nail polish formulas that need to be applied with a nail polish brush, Kiara Sky is in powder form. The nails are dipped in the powder that contains complex bonds as well as ingredients that makes the nails stronger after each application. With the Kiara Sky dip powder product, your nails will remain amazingly beautiful. If applied on the nails, they will chip resistant, will not discolor, nor become weak. Instead, your nails will grow stronger and healthier.

The Kiara Sky dip powder system comes in hundreds of astonishing shades. You won’t have a difficult time finding the right shade to pair with your clothing, the occasion, or even your mood.

You don’t even need to be an expert to do a perfect manicure using the Kiara dip powder system.

This dip powder system creates professional-looking nails without ever requiring that you be an expert to do that. It’s quick and easy to do. You won’t even have additional tools to create a perfect manicure that could turn heads. The dipping powder gives you the appearance of gel nail polish, but you won’t need as much time to finish the job.

To help you pick the best color for your nails, here are a few from each shade that we recommend.


Kiara Sky Dip Powder Pink


1. Chatterbox 

Let your nails do the talking. You can either dress up or dress down, but this pretty pink flamingo shade will never fail to impress. Is it summer time already? Your nails will be light and look bright when you keep this darling pink cream to lavish them with.

2. You Make Me Blush 

This blush pink powder dip pigment will make your nails look so good everyone will have nothing but praises for them. You will surely blush with all the compliments that you will receive.


Kiara Sky Dip Powder Nude


1. Creme D Nude 

Want something that looks natural on your nails and still makes them look gorgeous? This beige acrylic powder is your best choice. It’s neutral but won’t let you down.

2. Bare With Me 

Beige may look drab and boring, but not this dainty and sheer acrylic powder. This rich neutral cream blends well on the skin, making you want to look at them all day long.


Kiara Sky Dip Powder Peach


1. Skin Tone 

This peach powdered acrylic shade looks yummy. It looks sassy and fab without being loud. It will be appealing for all those who get to see this shade on your nails.

2. Son of a peach

This is peach perfect and will make you want to be out all day. It can lighten up the day and give an instant mood-life that can keep you singing all day.


Kiara Sky Dip Powder Red


1. Glamour 101

To be glamorous is what every woman wants. With this on your nails, there will never be a moment that you won’t feel like you are one.

2. Socialite

 Your nails will look too tempting but you are too chic for that. Let those who get to glance at them want to have more. It’s deep and crisp apple-candy red is just too alluring. Not one will want to miss that chance to have a glimpse of them.


Kiara Sky Dip Powder Purple


1. Spellbound

This shade is truly captivating. It’s a lavender with a hint of fuchsia that will keep you glued on it. You are spellbound.

2. Totally Whipped

This  dusty light purple acrylic powder shade is totally alluring. Anyone who gets to glare on it will be totally whipped and blown away by its unspeakable beauty.


Kiara Sky Dip Powder Brown


1. Treasure The Night

 This is a unique powdered acrylic shade that you would want to treasure long after the night is over. It’s nut brown that will make you feel nuts if you can’t have more of it.

2. Guilty Pleasure

 Coffee on your nails? This could just be one of your guilty pleasures, but who wouldn’t want it? It’s a beauty would rather keep.


Kiara Sky Dip Powder Blue


1. Skies The Limit

 A tranquil shade on your nails but remains as tough as it can longer than ordinary shades. When you have one this good, you can say, “skies the limit.”

2. Chill Pill

This dark steel blue can make you feel relax any time with its positive vibe echoing all around. With it on your nails, you can just chill.


Kiara Sky Dip Powder Green


1. Green With Envy

This bright neon green nail powder shade can make anyone green with envy. It’s totally dashing and anyone will find it difficult not to notice it.

2. Whoopsy Daisy

A fresh shimmering green on your nails will make you feel that spring is still around. It’s a light, bright, and creamy nail shade you can always play around with.


Kiara Sky Dip Powder Gold


1. Pixie-dust

 Looks like a fairy just stepped in and sprinkled pixie dust on your nails. They really look astonishing. Its dazzling golden glitter is enough to capture anyone’s glare.

2. Strike Gold

 It’s like striking gold when you have this powdered acrylic on your nails. This is a prize winner any girl would like to have.


Kiara Sky Dip Powder Yellow


1. New Yolk City. This vibrant hue will let you set out to conquer your day. You will feel everyone’s on their toes when you have this exciting shade to spoil you.

Kiara Sky offers more than a hundred shades. Each leaves a stunning finish and will last on your nails without chipping for even up to three weeks.

Just follow the simple instructions and you will be done and be enjoying the manicure in no time:

1. Start with a clean surface. It’s always easy to apply any nail polish product if you have clean nails. Remove any residue of the old polish. You also need to clean and buff your nail bed. This will make it easier for the new pigment to cling onto your nails. Before finally putting on the powdered pigment, cut your nails to the desired shape that will best complement your hands.

2. Have your dipping powder ready. At this point, you should have already decided what shade you would like to see on your nails. Have the powdered pigment and the natural shade ready and within reach.

3. Apply Kiara Sky’s bond. Apply a thin coat of the bond. This will allow the next coat that you will apply on your nails to have a better hold on your nails. It also prevents the color from having to rest directly on your nails.

4. Apply Kiara Sky’s base. The base  will act as the glue that will bond the dip to the nails. This layer should be applied to 3/4 of the nail before dipping the nail into the natural or white powdered pigment. Tap off the excess powder on your nail.

5. Combine powder and base. Re-apply the base coat to the whole nail. Then dip the nail into the powdered pigment. Do this a second time (base coat then dip powder), or a third, or until you see the appropriate depth of color on your nail. Apply a final coat of the base coat then let the nail to dry.

6. Apply the seal protect. Once the nail has dried (nail coatings dry off almost instantly), apply a thin layer of Kiara Sky’s seal protect. This will seal and protect the newly coated nails and the polish from accidental chipping or breaking.

7. File and shape the nail. Smoothen out rough edges of the nails with a nail buffer. Then wipe or wash your hands to remove any excess powder on them. Re-apply the sealer on your nails, including their tips.

8. Apply the top coat. Apply a thin layer of the top coat on each of your nails, then air dry.

9. Apply Kiara Sky’s nourish oil on your nails and nail bed. This will protect your cuticles and restore the natural oil in it. Massage the cuticles and around the nails.

10. Clean up time. Once your nails are totally dried, you can now keep everything that you have used in during the session. Soaking used brushes with Kiara Sky’s brush saver can save you a lot of time the next time you will need to use your kit.

Removing the old polish is done the same way as how a gel nail polish is removed from the nails. Just file away the top layer, then soak the nail in a polish remover in a cotton ball for about 15 minutes. Have the nails with the cotton wrapped with cut pieces of foil. Once the nail polish has lifted off the nails, you can just rub the color off.