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Create Eye-catching Effects with Excellent Mirror Nail Design

Mirror Nail Design

Nail styles have many types for women to choose from, but if those who want to own a luxurious but equally unique nail set, mirror nail is a suitable choice. This nail set will make your nails reflect like mirrors. With this article, Trang Beauty will reveal some information as well as how to make beautiful shimmering mirror nails for everyone!

Mirror nail is one of the unique nail styles that is especially loved by girls.

What Is Mirror Nail?

Mirror Nail Design

This is a technique to create a mirror-like effect on the nails. Unique, trendy and extremely eye-catching, mirror nails are enthusiastically welcomed by girls.

In fact, this color has a better ability to reflect light and does not tarnish over time.

Because of that special eye-catching, this color is always in the best nail polish collections.

Find out about Mirror Powder

Mirror nails or mirror nail designs are gradually being known and loved by many people. The mirror nail set will make the girls who like the style, elegance, nobility fall in love at first sight. Mirror nail designs will really make your hands more beautiful than ever.

To create mirror nails, the nail technician used a powder called chrome powder. The powder is composed of small oxide-coated metal chips, so it will have a glittering, iridescent color layer. Moreover, this powder also has the ability to adhere to the nail surface, creating an eye-catching, unique mirror effect.

How to Make Mirror Nail Designs

Mirror Nail Design

To create an excellent mirror nail set, the nail technician will follow these steps step by step:

First, clean your nails by soaking and then trimming the excess skin at the edge of the nail. The nail technician will then use a nail file to shape your nails, then use a special tool to polish the nails. Next, the nail technician will rinse your nails again to wash away any remaining dirt and dust. When the job is done, they will apply a thin layer of primer to protect the nail and cure under LED or UV nail lamp light for 30 or 60 seconds.

Then, the nail technician will use black gel nail polish to apply a thin layer to the nail surface and cure with LED light for 60 seconds. After this paint is dry, after that, apply a second time and dry as done in the first time. Paint the whole thing twice on all nails.

Next is the important step to make mirror nail.

After the two layers of black gel polish have dried, apply another layer of glossy gel polish, drying for 30 seconds. This will help create a solid base for the chrome powder to adhere to.

Use a sponge or silicone brush to take a small amount of chrome powder and then paint it directly on the dried paint layer, taking care to do it firmly and firmly. Paint from the tip to the end of the nail, along the length of the nail until the powder is smooth and creates a mirror effect.

Use a circular polishing tool to increase the adhesion of the pigment.

Use polish to cover a layer on the surface of the nail, paint it evenly to make the nail more perfect.

A small tip when painting decorations on mirror nails is to clean the top coat, otherwise it may lead to the mirror coating being blurred.

With the steps above, the nail technician was able to create an excellent mirror nail.

Final thought

Getting your nails up to the standard color is not easy and takes a lot of steps. Mirror nail design is a nail style without many details. However, to have a beautiful mirror-style manicure with technical standards requires skilled workers to perform.