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What Is OPI Nail Lacquer?

OPI Nail Lacquer

The very high-class nail polish OPI nail lacquer of the USA is a best-selling nail polish today in the US in particular and in many other developed countries around the world in general. This product line has been presented to consumers by OPI nail polish brand for a long time and immediately OPI nail polish colorhas received a rain of compliments and positive comments from customers, they are mostly girls and women at the ages of 18-50. It not only gives women many choices with more than 200 harmonious, vibrant, pretty and charming colors, but OPI nail lacquer is a very beautiful and durable nail polish color, in addition, it is also a useful nail care product, which can help your nails not to yellow, not darken and not damage the structure of the nails. Most especially, the OPI nail lacquer collection also has the ability to moisturize nails very well, helping your nails to always be full of vitality and health, and bring you unexpected experiences from the best beauty of your lovely hands.

Many out standing features of OPI nail lacquer premium nail polish

OPI Nail Lacquer


OPI has always been considered a high-class nai polish brand, which specializing in manufacturing and providing customers with the most diverse and high-end nail beauty product collections, making sure every girl wants to own as many nail polishes. OPI's hands as possible to satisfy their unlimited beauty needs.

OPI nail lacquer nail polish has an extremely delicate and diverse palette of colors, from easy-to-use colors to individual and special colors, they are suitable for many different situations and events.

The OPI nail lacquers product line is manufactured with new technology, so the paint is very glossy and smooth, sometimes you don't need to repaint it again. This OPI nail polish also contains nutrients to strengthen nails, protect nails from yellowing.

The paint is thick, up to the right color, not easy to peel off during daily activities.

The brush head is designed so that each color layer when applied is smooth, not leaving ripples, uneven color, nor floating but small bubbles.

The texture and composition of OPI nail lacquers will provide extreme shine and ideal fluidity for perfect control and ease of application. OPI's nail polish range has a special texture that facilitates the adhesion of the pigments, creating a resistant and flexible layer that, thanks to long-lasting active ingredients, increases the color's durability and brilliance.

OPI nail lacquer product line is a nail polish that does not contain abrasive ingredients such as toluene, le DBP et le formaldehyde., DBP and formaldehyde. It must be added that OPI nail lacquers contain natural active ingredients with fast-drying and fortifying properties, sealing and protecting nails by creating a scratch-resistant armor and ensuring each coat is calibrated. with maximum precision to optimize coverage and yield of pigments.

Instructions for using OPI nail lacquer premium nail polish

OPI Nail Lacquer

Firstly, you should wash, trim and clean your nails, then wait for your hand to dry.

The step of applying nail primer is a necessary step to ensure the perfection of a durable nail set, so don’t forget this step girls!

After that, roll the OPI nail polish bottle evenly so that the nail polish layer is thoroughly mixed. Use the tip of the brush to paint evenly along the length of the nail and wait for 5 minutes for the paint to dry completely.

Sit in front of a fan, soak your hands in cold water or put them in the freezer to dry faster.


You can easily find and buy so many kind of nail polish colors as well as OPI nail lacquers or OPI gel colors and OPI dipping powder colors,... anywhere in the US and around the world. With the popularity and strong coverage, OPI's products have been widely sold and exported, but that's why you should be careful to avoid buying fake OPI nail polish from the bad nail providers!