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The 7 Best Fast Drying Nail Polish 2024

The 7 Best Fast Drying Nail Polish 2024

It is a consensus among fashion icons that wearing nail polish to any outing is as essential as wearing suitable cloth. So, what if you find yourself bare-nailed an hour or some minutes before an outing?

Given the situation, you may decide to forfeit the outing. But, if the outing is significant, you are likely left to choose between going out with your nails smudged and going out with your bare nails.

Guess what? You would not need to choose between these two evils if you settled for fast-drying nail polish. Although fast-drying nail polishes may not be as familiar, it is a no-brainer that they prepare you for outings within minutes of applying and save you all the worries. Here are some of the best fast drying nail polishes you can ever come across:

Top 7 Fast Drying Nail Polish

Essie Expressie Quick – Dry Nail Polish

Essie Expressie Quick – Dry Nail Polish

If you love the standard and want a nail polish that will dry off after few minutes of application, picking Essie Expressie is the best bet.

You will be surprised and, of course, pleased to find out that the fact that it dries up faster than your imagination does not make it lose its shine or originality.

Another exciting thing about the Essie Expressie is the fact that producers made it with Vegan Formula. So, you already know that the level of its healthiness cannot be questioned. And yes, there are so many shades of this particular polish. Everything you need to create a smear-free nail that dries up within a few minutes has been made available. So, there is no reason to worry about anything. Taking the bold step in this direction will only open your eyes to the possibilities of new-age products.

Sally Hansen Insta - Dri Nail Polish

Sally Hansen Insta- Dri Nail Polish

Here is a piece of great news for you: you are about to have the best nail polish experience with the Sally Hansen Insta – Dri nail polish

Sally Hansen Insta – Dri nail polish has taken things a notch above its peers in the area of quality and the fact that the nail polish dries up fast. Whenever you decide to apply to Sally Hansen, you sign up for swift functionality and ultimate grade. Whoever said quality and swiftness could not combine told a big lie, and Sally Hansen Insta – Dri nail polish is an example of the product that proves that saying is heresy.

Quick-dry Clean Nail Polish: Smith & Cult

Quick-dry Clean Nail Polish: Smith & Cult

Choosing to use Smith & Cult is an excellent step for any fashion buff. And yes! You are not wrong to favor this brand for all kinds of nail polishes because they have everything you need, from super shiny nail polishes of different shades to nail polishes that dry up within few minutes of application.

If you do not mind the price, you indeed are in for a pleasant surprise with Smith & Cult. You get all the satisfactions that you may not be able to get elsewhere with this product, which is a significant enough reason to purchase.

Quick Dry Nail Polish + Treatment Orly

Quick Dry Nail Polish + Treatment Orly

You deserve the best things in the world, which is why this nail polish brand is for you. There is no reason to worry because producers have made it with the perfect ingredients. A combination of argan oil and vitamins C and B3 sounds impressive and feels like perfection. So, get any shade that will fit you perfectly as you enjoy the comprehensive benefits of this nail polish.

Indeed, you are aware that one of the most significant advantages of this particular nail polish is that they have mixed it with the ingredients that make it dry quickly after application. And here, my friend is the charm.

Quick Dry Vegan Nail Polish: Nails, INC

Quick Dry Vegan Nail Polish: Nails, INC.

It may sound unbelievable, but you might need to try this product right here to confirm that the first coat of this nail polish can dry up in 45 seconds. If you are the type that is always in a hurry to go out, you need this nail in your corner.

Nails INC has your interest at heart, and this is why only the most valuable ingredients have been made to make your dream of the long-lasting nail and quick-to-dry nail polish come to fruition.

With the right shade of this product, you are about to dazzle many people with your choice of nail polish. Get on with it!

Suite Eleven Nail Lacquer

Suite Eleven Nail Lacquer

Fast-drying nail polish is perfectly possible. You will easily find it with suite eleven nail lacquer as with so many others. A lot of thought went into the production of suite Eleven nail lacquer in particular, which is why there is no harmful chemical.

So, if a nail polish can provide a product of this type of quality and function without a trace of harmful chemicals, shouldn’t it be canon? Of course, it should, and it is!

Best Budget, Runner–Up: China Glaze Nail Lacquer with Hardeners

Best Budget, Runner–Up: China Glaze Nail Lacquer with Hardeners

If you have ever sat to dream of using a nail polish that dries quickly after application and lasts longer than imagination, then there is China Glaze nail lacquer to bring your thoughts to life.

If there is anything this product is popularly known for, it is the fact that it has the quality to last long, and isn’t it pleasing also to find out that it can dry off quickly after you have applied?

It has the right amount of polymers and resins to prevent the pigment from fading quickly or getting chipped too. All these qualities are golden, and any fashion buff, especially one interested in nail polish, will find it particularly worthy of purchase.


As long as you are open to trying new things, you will not complain about being stuck with a fashion choice. We know that being courageous enough to try any of these products will give you a new perspective on nail polish.

It will also let you have an entirely new and good experience when it comes to getting the coat to dry fast after applying your nail polish.