Blue Nail Designs

For a long time, blue nail designs representing the color of peace, tranquility and elegance have made fashionistas fascinated. If you are bored with the usual colors, then refer to the collection of fancy blue nail designs right in the following article.

Why Do Blue Nail Designs Never Get Less Popular?

Blue Nail Designs

Recently, blue tones have officially usurped the throne and become the leading color trend in the field of fashion and beauty.

In the current colors, mentioning blue is referring to the royal style, classic but not out of fashion over time.

The luxurious and elegant beauty of the royal ladies is not only reflected in the eye-catching outfits but also skillfully put into popular nail designs by nail technicians.

Besides, the world's top stars also make fans crazy because of the extremely trendy blue-toned nails that are diverse in both colors and textures.

Not only attracted by its unique color, blue is also known for its deep meanings. In additions to the symbol of peace, hidden behind this cool and pleasant color is the meaning of loyalty and trust.

Although blue nail designs are no longer strange, for beauty lovers, this is still an extremely attractive color.

Let’s take a look at the beautiful, luxurious, attractive blue nail designs and the best blue nail polish brands.

Top Blue Nail Polish

Colorful pastel blue nail polish

Colorful pastel blue nail polish

Pastel color effect has been and is the color chosen by many women when doing nails. When combined with blue creates the perfect duo to satisfy all fastidious customers.

DND 672 Midnight Kiss is a wonderful product of DND gel and lacquer collection with reasonable prices, it is also an attractive color that will definitely bring our mischievous girls their own bold nail sets this summer.

This DND DC 125 Artic Field Blue pastel nail designs are suitable for girls who pursue a personality style but no less gentle.

Colorful pastel blue nail polish

it is one of the products that comes from DND DC, now these products have been widely used in a lot of nail salons in the USA and this color looks very feminine, sophisticated but still attracts all eyes. Surely, this one will be a perfect choice for you guys.

Fancy cobalt blue nail polish

Fancy cobalt blue nail polish

Cobalt blue is a new color, evoking intense emotions of the viewers. This color is inspired by the blue of the sea and the night sky.

OPI F84 Do You Sea What I Sea? is the most popular color of OPI gel polish & matching nail lacquer collection, which is famous all over the world. Of course, to own it, you will have to spend more money than the nail polish from other brands, but to enjoy the most perfect and luxurious of cobalt blue, this is definitely perfect choice for you.

It will create eye-catching and artistic effects. Referring to cobalt, people will easily think of luxurious royal style. However, not so that this color lacks youthfulness and modernity. According to research by scientists, cobalt blue will have good effects on mental health.

Pretty bluesky nails

Pretty bluesky nails

Blue sky always gives all of us a feeling of peace and comfort. It is always one of the top choices of girls in hot summer days, it creates a soothing effect, cool and gentle. However, they are quite picky, so if you have dark skin, consider choosing not!

LDS 088 Powderblue is properly described as "power blue". It really brings the positive energy to people whom look at it, with the reasonable price that LDS offers, you guys can absolutely own it and get lots of interesting experiences. In addition, LDS products are becoming more and more popular and widely used nowadays. Besides that, The LDS Healthy Gel & Lacquer collection has many other shades of blue for blue nail designs’ fan to choose easily.

Pretty bluesky nails

LDS 109 A Hint Of Sky is another suggestion for you. It is really a “hint of sky” from the sky with a lighter color than the above color, it shows the femininity and is very suitable for girls who fall in love the purity and clarity of the sky.

Attractive glitter blue nail design

Attractive glitter blue nail design

If you are a true fashionista, skipping this nail design in your collection will definitely make you regret it. Blue glitter nails are the perfect choice for those who love to stand out.

SNS Basics 056 is the best choice for all young ladies, who love expressing personality, sparkle and want to be different but not too colorful.

Some Notes to Have the Right Set of Blue Nail Design

Best Blue Nail Polish

Blue is an endless source of inspiration for professional Nail technicians to create so many impressive nail sets, because it can be easily combined with any color, stone, or glitter to bring out the most adorable effects from simple to sophisticated.

Blue Nail Designs is not picky on skin color. However, so as to to own beautiful, unique and trendy nail sets, you should consider a few following things:

  • Choose good products and widely trusted Brands of Nail supply to make sure the color matches your wishes.
  • Go to reputable nail salons or practice your skills regularly if you want to design your own nails.
  • Don't forget to take care of your nails to have healthy nails.
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