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Things You Need to Know Before Getting Acrylic Nails

Things You Need to Know Before Getting Acrylic Nails

People have different ways to maintain and beautify their nails. Some can keep nails for a long time without breakage or damage; keeping a healthy staple decorates the hand and complement dress worn.

While some have fitted natural, long, and tidy nails, others prefer acrylic nails; acrylic nails are the perfect choice for those who can't maintain long nails; they require less stress and cheap maintenance.

What Are Acrylic Nails?

There are different explanations for this nail type; they can be combined doughs shaped onto a customer’s nails with a brush and allowed to air-dried to produce a desired nail shape or size. According to nail expert Ariela Zuniga, acrylic nails are great for changing the nail extension and body, and they don't require a lamp during cure.

The expert reiterates that people searching for change in length or shape of their nails can opt for Acrylic nails.

How Do I Apply Acrylic Nails On My Finger?

Before you rush to get acrylic nails on your finger, understand that it is advisable to get a nail expert to prevent your nail's possible damage. The expert would use tips or nail forms to achieve the type of nail shape you want.

It is also advisable to get an acrylic nail as it beautifies the skin, but an expert would save your time and prevent possible nail damage, as earlier mentioned.

How Do I Remove Acrylic Nails From My Finger?

To remove acrylic nails is very easy; by soaking the nail in acetone solution for some minutes, the acrylic nail will be soft and comfortable to remove. If you have any difficulty understanding the simple process of removing your acrylic nails, kindly get in touch with you and we will gladly help you out.

What Should I Know Before Getting Acrylic Nails?

Ensure your nail is healthy enough to handle the acrylic nails; if you have a weak or brittle nail, it is advisable to book a health personnel session to get appropriate care.

Ensure to make appropriate research on the type of acrylic nail you want, and there are various types of acrylic nail make relevant research on the one you want and the one which matches your dress and skin perfectly.

Make sure the equipment or tools about to be used for fixing your acrylic nails are sterile. It is essential to sterilize this equipment in order not to lead to infection.

Some individuals don't value manicure's importance. Getting your acrylic nail manicure helps your nail look good and neat before fixing the acrylic nails.

If you are entirely new to acrylic nails, ensure to research your preferred length, color, shape, and size of nail acrylic that you want to use.

Ensure to always use protective equipment like gloves when doing day-to-day chores like washing etc.

Ensure always to have cuticle oil close to you to help maintain a clean and dry nail.

Most damages happening to nails are improper dirt removal results, ensuring to remove dirt from not to cause long-term damage properly.

Getting your acrylic nails done might be painful at first. As commonly said, "nothing good comes very easy". If you want to beautify your hand with any of our acrylic nail products, you should prepare yourself for the minimal pain.

Fixing acrylic nail is not a one and done kind of process; you must note that it requires appropriate maintenance and upkeep.

Don't just jump to the market to get any acrylic nail fixed for you, ensure to know the cost of the acrylic nail you desire to ascertain if your money could afford it. To help avoid debt.

Although our acrylic nail products are durable, practical and long-lasting, remember that they can't work for a more extended period (e.g. more than six weeks).

Our products beautify your hand and compliment your dress but note that you may not perform some tasks like picking up a coin or other situations.

Myths About Acrylic Nails?

  • All acrylic nails ruin the fingernails.
  • Acrylic nail liquid will always get your bloodstream over time.
  • Acrylic nails will make the nail plate grow thinner after application.
  • Acrylic nails always cause infections, especially mold and fungal infections.
  • Acrylic nails don’t fit well or react to a pregnant woman.

Facts About Acrylic Nails

  • Acrylic nails do not damage the nail as previously claimed. Make sure a knowledgeable specialist helps you in fixing and care for your acrylic nail.
  • Acrylic liquids harden within two minutes of application, preventing any possibility of penetration before the nail top layer.
  • The nail matrix length determines acrylic nail thickness, and the nail bed can not produce keratin, so it would not affect the nail thickness.
  • The surface you touch is what causes mold and fungal infections with or without acrylic nails. To prevent any chance of infection, ensure to wash your hand and practice hygiene regularly.
  • Acrylic nails fit on all fingernails, either pregnant or not; these nails also do not react on skin.


There are many misconceptions about acrylic nails. However, using acrylic nails requires an expatriate's degree. You should understand that these nails can last long and beautify the hand if adequately maintained.

You can choose your preferred acrylic nails based on your choice at a cheaper price delivered to your doorstep. If these acrylic nails are not properly cared for, they could cause devastating effects to the nails. Look stunningly beautiful today with your acrylic nails.