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What Is Poly Gel? Things You Need to Know to Keep Your Nails Durable

Poly Gel

The trend of poly gel nail polish is very popular with young people thanks to its long-lasting and less peeling properties. So what is poly gel? Is this the perfect manicure option to keep nails lasting? We invite you to discover the Beauty Shop right through the following article!

What Is Poly Gel?

What Is Poly Gel?

Currently, it seems that matte or glossy nail polish bottles are much less sought after. Instead, gel nail polish is much more popular.

Poly gel is a combination of the strength of acrylic with the elastic application of a construction gel. Poly gel comes in a thick paste and are similar to acrylic. They are used to create colorful nail coatings. And it is different from regular nail polishes, poly gel needs the help of a UV light to help the paint dry and adhere better.

Is This the Perfect Manicure Option to Keep Nails Lasting?

What Is Poly Gel?

If you want to own a long-lasting nail polish, gel polish is the perfect choice for you. Because poly gel paint has the following advantages:

Paint color can keep on nails from 2 to 3 weeks, little peeling. Because of its high color fastness properties, after applying gel, girls can comfortably do housework, wash their hair, wash dishes without fear. The polish will peel off. Basically, poly gel is a mixture of acrylic powder and clear gel. You can manipulate it as you like. It doesn't dry like regular nail polishes. To use gel polish, you need nails must be sanded to create a rough surface that allows the gel to last longer on the hand. Poly gel offers the strength of acrylic but does not have the smell of chemical monomers considered healthier.

Things you need to note before applying gel

UV lamp is harmful to the skin of hands and feet As being mentioned above, after the nails are coated with poly gel polish, nail technicians often use LED or ultraviolet light to dry the gel. And UV lamp This is the factor that causes skin problems such as age spots, wrinkles and even skin cancer. Therefore, you should apply sunscreen to protect your hands.

Do not peel off the poly gel polish on your nails This is an extremely important note. Because when the gel polish is chipped, out of habit, many people often try to peel off the rest of the nail polish. However, when you arbitrarily peel off the gel layer from the nail, the keratin layer on the nail is also easy to follow. This will cause the nail to become weak and brittle. More seriously, the rough layer of paint left over will cause the nail to be painted later. It's hard to last. So, to "remove" the poly gel layer, you should use a specialized nail remover and incubate your nails. And wait for the "soft" paint color to be wiped off. In this case, the paint layer. Still persisting, you need to go to the salon to ask professional nail technicians to handle it!

Pay attention to the composition of poly gel paint not all gel polishes have the same texture and composition. In the color of poly gel paints, there are many toxic ingredients that cause cancer. For example, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde and toluene. In addition, methyl acrylate is also an ingredient that can cause skin irritation that you should avoid.

The Best Poly Gel Nail Kit!

What Is Poly Gel?

So, among hundreds or even thousands of different product lines, which is the best poly gel kit for you, as we mentioned above, poly gel is a kind of nail polish, which is highly durable and has very strong adhesion but it also has certain side effects.

Therefore, you need to consider carefully before choosing nail polish for yourself, your customers or loved ones. If you do not know, in addition to famous and long-established nail polish brands like OPI, the nail market is now much more diverse with companies specializing in providing nail gel nail polish line, which has very reasonably priced and high quality. In this article, we need to mention LDS. LDS is a “name” that is not too strange for nail lovers in the US, this is a brand established about 3 years ago, its products have clear origin, it is manufactured made in America. Why do we think LDS has the best poly gel kits for you? Because all products of this brand are healthy products including gel polish.

LDS poly gel can last for a long time, you can use 1 set of nails for up to 3 weeks or more, however, LDS gel nail polish does not harm, abrade the nail surface and it also does not irritate the skin. your hand. The composition of LDS gel polish is minimized from harmful chemicals, above all, it is also supplemented with vitamin E and serum to help increase moisture for your nails. The special thing here is that the price is extremely reasonable, you can easily experience and freely create unique nails, and in addition, LDS has a lot of poly gel kits available with many other colors. to satisfy all customer preferences. On the other hands, with over 180 colors, you can individually select your favorite colors to combine them into your desired poly gel kit.

Final Thought

If you are still confused and do not know which gel polish to choose and use. Don't hesitate to try out LDS's gel nail polish and poly gel kits. They are really good and will surely satisfy you. With such high quality and super nice price, you shouldn't miss it.