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Do You Have Any Ideas about Lipstick Nail Style?

How to Wear Lipstick Nails According to the Manicurist Who Made Them?

More and more new nail trends are born, impressing many nail believers. As one of the beauty areas of girls who love to groom, nail art always has a certain place. Here are two unique nail styles that are causing a stir among young people.

After the trend of sharp stiletto nails, now young people are "infatuated" with lipstick nails (#lipsticknails). These are the two nail styles, which are are very popular and loved by young people all over the world. So do you know anything about Lipstick nail trend?

What is Lipstick Nail Trend?

Lipstick Nail

Lipstick nail is a type of nail that is beveled at the tip of the nail to look like a familiar lipstick which is inspired by nail artist Park Eunkyung. Compared to simple nail trends with symmetrical shapes, lipstick nails look much more beautiful, and eye-catching. Depending on the preferences of the owner, the bevel of the nail will be adjusted by the nail technician accordingly. The smaller the bevel, the sharper and more dramatic the nail will look. The lipstick nail trend is loved by many girls and is increasingly "exploding" in the nail industry.

With the lipstick nail type, there is no limit to the colors that make up your nails. Nail technicians can create monochrome nails or mix different colors, add glitter to help the nails look more sparkling. Accompanying this partially beveled nail shape are also unique geometric motifs, or delicate patterns depending on the beauty needs of the customer. Lipstick nails come in many variations, from light bevels to deep bevels, and can be done on long nails as well.

Lipstick Nail Style!

Lipstick Nails

The person who is blowing this latest nail art trend is Park Eunkyung, a beauty expert in Korea. She has collaborated with big brands such as YSL, Chanel and Burberry.

As the name describes, this latest nail trend creates a diagonal line on false nails. This angle makes the nail look like the tip of a lipstick.

Park Eunkyung said, she came up with the idea when she participated in a promotional photoshoot for YSL. “I really like the cat-eye glasses. It would be nice if I could sharpen my nails to resemble the shape of my glasses. But the end result is more like a lipstick. It surprised me quite a bit!”.

Surely this nail trend will appear a lot on Instagram. Because it's quite unique and strange. Definitely fashionistas, beauty bloggers will have to try it first.

Is It Comfortable to Wear?

“Definitely,” Park Eunkyung confirmed. “I like long nails but it is quite inconvenient for daily work and the lipstick-shaped nails are the opposite. Because of the oblique angle, it looks like a combination of long and short nails.”

To ensure healthy nails so that you can change many nail designs and nail shapes according to the latest trends, besides, you also need to know the best ways to take care of your nails at home.

Great Nail Care Tips after Doing Nails at Home

After finishing the manicure, your nails are quite weak, so they need to be cared for and protected carefully. Use products that are fortified with minerals, protein, and calcium, because these help protect your nails and add minerals for nails to grow back.

Before going to bed, you should use a nail cream, which is rich in vitamin E to help nourish nails and promote healthy nail growth. Beatiues should also apply cuticle oil often to keep your hand – especially your cuticles to look healthy and fresh. You also can soak your nails in warm olive oil or coconut oil for about 10 minutes a day and maintain that habit. This is great for moisturizing nails.

Remember to wear rubber gloves to protect your hands when exposed to water and chemicals.

Some Lipstick Nail Ideas You Should Try!

Geometric Lipstick Nails Design

Geometric Lipstick Nails Design

Everyone should have this design in the coming months-it’s wonderful for Spring. The vibrant colors, the flexible pattern, and tilted tip all work together to produce unique nail arts for you.

Red French Tip Nails

Red French Tip Nails

This one is perfect for our beauties who prefer short nails. Here’s a design that you can create on your own at home. First, apply a neutral color, then use your nail brush to swipe a delicate stroke of the red gel polish across the top of your nail. ALL DONE!

Hot Pink Wavy Nails

Hot Pink Wavy Nails

This one is a perfect combination of red, hot pink, and a neutral gel polish that will suite with everyone. Also, this will be your best choice for any romantic events in your life such as Valentine’s Day.

White Swirl & Glitter Nail Idea

White Swirl & Glitter Nail Idea

This design is a enhanced version of lipstick nail trend. All the glitter, and sparkling stickers will help you distinguished yourself out at parties. Don’t forget to save this nail design & your won’t regret later. Make sure to have nail extensions for this design, beauties.

Bright Lipstick Nail Idea

Bright Lipstick Nail Idea

You are a neon-fan? You definitely don’t want to miss this nail design. If yellow is not in your list of favorite color, stay calm, with the white and neutral accent tones, any bright color will work perfectly.

Final Thought

If you know how to take care of it, you will definitely have healthy nails, and healthy nails will help you to spot yourself out in the crowd, easily and confidently experience the hottest nail trends. We believe that the above nail care after manicure will help you have pinker and healthier nails. Why don't you confidently try to do Lipstick nails to catch the trend and become more prominent?