The 6 Best Nail Polish Removers 2022

These are organic products or solvents that help in cleaning or removing the nails, especially for females. It may include perfume, different coloring, and oil in its production. It `is used with either a cotton pad or ball and gently scrubbed on the nail removed. There are various nail polish removers; choosing a particular brand depends mainly on individual pocket-size, quality, or market price.

Acetone is the most common type of nail polish remover. It has helped remove cured gel and acrylic. Another nail polish remover is ethyl acetate, which contains isopropyl alcohol.  Before March 17, 2000, the ban, acetonitrile was the most common type of nail polish remover, but an expert suggested that the government place a ban on it because of its toxicity.

Acetone As Nail Polish Remover

Propanone(acetone), written as (CH3)2CO is an organic compound with the simplest form of ketone; they are more volatile, flammable with a characteristic odor. In acetone laboratory, home, or industrial preparation, it could be mixed with a certain percentage of water and has a vast range of industrial purposes. Still, most homes use it as nail polish remover or cleaner.

European Union has once placed a ban on its production because it was considered an environmental pollutant. It could be disposed of in the body through appropriate metabolic processes and found in the blood and urine stream. Research has proven that people with health implications like diabetic ketoacidosis always produce this compound in large amounts. Most times, it has low to no health implications on the body. Ketogenic diets have also been discovered to help combat epileptic in children between the age of 0-9 years.

This compound is a suitable solvent for plastic and synthetic fiber production, and it is used for cleaning tools, hardening, and dissolving two epoxies. Acetone can be found in varnishes and plants. Its industrial production helped to prepare metal removing, cleaning, and soldering electronic components, although it attacks many circuit boards, making it not suitable at times.

Benefit Of Nail Polish Removers

The significant benefit of nail polish remover is to make the hand and body look healthy and beautiful. Apart from going to the Spa to treat oneself,  it is advisable to pamper the skin to build the body, spirit, and soul.

When the hand is seen to be regularly maintained, it passes a message to observers that it receives appropriate care and attention.  It is vital to look gorgeous and beautiful as most people's first impressions about you goes a long way.

Apart from fixing the nails, it is paramount to always provide appropriate care to them. With the help of nail polish, dirt and other dangerous germs will be adequately controlled or removed. Individuals with calcium deficiency are assured that the specked white nail will be covered and beautified with nail polish.

As technology advances, most producers have begun to introduce natural minerals like vitamins, etc., to their nail polish products. Before, nail polish was assumed to be unhygienic, but nail polish produced is more beneficial within the last decade and helps keep the nail beautiful.

Which Brand of Nail Polish Remover Is The Best

Choosing the best brand of nail polish remover depends on individual preferences. Different salons and spas have a vast range of products they use, and most of them last the longest after application. Examples of these products include Sally Hansen gel, Smith and Cult nail Lacquer, CND Vinylux Polish, Zoya Nail lacquer, Dior Vernis Gel, Essie Gel, etc. Although more products are safe and proven to last long, the listed above are just a few.

Can Alcohol Remove Polished Nails?

In some instances where nail polish is difficult to find, you can rest assured to polish your nail successfully using alcohol. This alcoholic product includes hand sanitizers, body mist perfume or deodorants, hair spray, available alcohol, or gin. Although, at first, it may take time to remove since it is not a natural cleaner, eventually, the nail will be polished.

For usage, ensure the product is spray or situated in the intended polished nail for about five(5) minutes, then use cotton bud or tissue to scrub for a while gently. With this simple process, you will get your desired nail.

Which Brand Is Best For Acrylic Nails Polish Remover?

To remove acrylic nails is comfortable either at home or in the Spa. All you need are a Nail file, clippers, petroleum jelly, aluminum foil, cotton balls, and acetone nail polish remover. Although acrylic nails are not easy to remove, the first procedure in its removal is to do an acetone soak then follow the steps below:

  • Use a nail clipper to cut the nail to its barest minimum.
  • Then file to remove previous nail polish that was applied on the acrylics.
  • Put petroleum jelly on cuticles and fingers to prepare for acetone soak.
  • After soaking in the solution,  saturate the cotton ball with the prepared compound, then gently wipe the nail.
  • Continue a similar process of soaking in acetone solution and cleaning.
  • After the above process, let aluminum foil be on the nail for 20 minutes, then gently remove.

Apart from removing acrylic nails, there are other processes to remove the pin without using acetone solution.

Recommended Nail Polish Removers In 2022

Chill Nail Enamel Remover

Chill Nail Enamel Remover

This is a cream-like nail polish remover. Within just three minutes, your nail polish is sure to remove with little or no stress at all. It can remove the darkest nail polish with just a swipe.

Zoya Remove+

Zoya Remove+

This product helps remove nail polish without soaking your finger in any solution. It keeps fingers dry and very affordable.

Cutex Ultra

Cutex Ultra

With this product, you can indeed remove your nail polish without using an entire roll of cotton pads. It has a pleasant fragrance making it attractive to its customers.

Ella + Nail Polish

Ella + Nail Polish

This is a gentle nail polish remover. It contains nutrients like vitamin E, A, and C while also helping your nail grow better.

Flowery Nail Corrector Pen

Flowery Nail Corrector Pen

It looks like a pen, basically with just a simple pint removes your nail polish.

Londontown Kur Lacquer remover

Londontown Kur Lacquer remover

This is a vegan and cruelty-free remover. It contains oil and vitamin and helps strengthen the nail cuticles.


During the early years of using nail polish removers, they were discovered to be harmful, but as more producers spring up, the harmful ones have reduced drastically. Most nail polish removers now have mineral and other body nourishing material in them.

There is no specific product that is the best but based on individual preferences, and you can pick your preferred product based on your personal choice.

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