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OPI Dipping Powder Reviews 2024

OPI Dipping Powder

Girls just love their nails! We love it even more with shiny colors, glitters, or and all interesting designs on them. Everyone who gets to have a look at them is drawn to such a charming art. It takes hours to have perfectly-looking nails and you would not want it breaking off or chipping.

If your nail polish falls short of your expectation, perhaps it is now time to have a change of mind.

You don’t have to go through the process of removing and re-applying a nail polish that will just peel off a day or two. With the latest trends in the nail industry, every nail polish brand is catching up to offer the best that you can have. One of the leaders in this industry, OPI, is also offering an exciting new nail management system that has taken the world by storm. This new nail polish is called the nail dip powder.

The OPI nail dip powder system is nothing like your traditional nail enhancement acrylic. Like an acrylic, the OPI dip powder system contain similar polymer powders. However, OPI’s dip powder does not use a liquid monomer initiator that is usually added to traditional nail polish. Instead, a liquid resin or a base coat is used and works like a glue for the dip powder. The OPI powder also requires a liquid activator. Applying the activator speeds up the curing of the base coat and the powder. It also initiates the reaction with the top coat. With OPI dipping powder, you basically dip, tap, and perfect the application.

Benefits of the OPI Dip Powder

OPI powders leave natural-looking nails with a high gloss and long-wearing. Moreover, the OPI dip powder can help fix any broken nail. It also provides an easier way to create overlays for the natural nails. It creates a flexible, lightweight, soft, as well as a strong finish that looks and feel like you have just had a gel mani. The only difference, however, is the removal time. The dip powder requires an easy soak-off wrap to be removed. Also, unlike the gel nail polish, the dip powder does not require a UV lamp to cure, so you get pretty nails done quicker.

The OPI dip system also requires lesser tools, just the liquids, and the dip powder. No fans, UV light, or French cutting tools. All you get it is light-weight and long-wearing pretty nails. As the formula does not contain any primer, less damage is done to the nails. You can wear those gorgeous nails for up to three weeks, even longer, without seeing your colors lifting, peeling, or breaking.

Another benefit of the OPI dipping powder system is that it is a non-toxic alternative to other nail polish options. It also does not release any toxic smell and does not contain any harmful chemicals. Instead, it’s made with essential vitamin E that you and your nails will surely love. So, every time you have your nails done, you can be assured that you are not doing harm to your nails with this nail enhancement system.

How to get the best from OPI dip powders?

OPI’s dip powders give you the assurance of having the gorgeous nails you want. It promises to let you wear that awesome shades longer than ordinary nail lacquers. However, to maximize the benefits that the dip powder offers, you need to make sure that you managed your newly coated nails properly.

To keep your impressive nails longer, make sure to take care of them as they grow throughout the days and weeks that your nail coating will be on them. If you will need to work with your hands, make sure to wear protective gloves. Regular application of moisturizer or nail cuticle will also keep your nails from getting brittle. It will also keep the surrounding skin from dryness as well.  If you can keep from biting your nails, it will be best.

To add color and excitement to your days ahead, pick the best colors from the selection we have come up with. These are just some of the most appealing hues that OPI has from its dip powders. Pick one that reflects your personality, or something that will go well with your mood. Whichever of these color use choose will surely provide you with the long-lasting shine you can wear for weeks and will continue to cheer you up.


OPI Dip Red


1. The Thrill of Brazil

 Let your hands follow the rhythm and the beat as your nails raise up the music with The Thrill of Brazil. This brilliant red-orange hue is perfect to keep up with you. Move just like the divas de Janeiro.

2. Big Apple Red

Be that girl-- be ready to conquer the Big Red Apple with that bright and shiny shade to prep you up.


OPI Dip Pink


1. Mod About You

It’s a light shade of pink that will get others really Mod About You. Try it on and see how totally chic your nails look.

2. Princesses Rule

Don’t you just love to be a princess? With this shade on your nails, it will be easy to feel like one. Princesses Rule! just have enough sparkles to make you shine like a royalty.


OPI Dip Nude


1. Do You Take Lei Away

A creamy nude is just to make you feel so demure. Do You Take Lei Away will create that perfect hue that you have been wanting to be on your nails for so long.

2. Tiramisu For Two

Tiramisu For Two  look so yummy on your nails, you may want to have it now. It’s a sweet coffee cream shade you’d crave all day long.


OPI Dip Blue


1. Rich Girls & Po-Boys

You can say Rich Girls & Po-Boys can make you perfect for that evening date. It’ s a china blue that’s so rich a hue you want nothing but to look at them throughout the day too.

2. It’s A Boy

Say it with your nails. It’s not just perfect when you want to announce that It’s A Boy that you are having. It will also be right to have such a pastel blue on your nails to keep the positive vibe with you.


1. Black Onyx

Black is black it is totally fab. Get this Onyx Black and you can do anything with your hands. Whether you dress up or dress down, you will still capture more fans.

2. My Private Jet

Put on My Private Jet on your nails and it will look like you got the dark night with the stars shining brightly on your nails. It will be a sight everyone will love to gaze on.


OPI Dip Orange


1. A Good Man-darin is Hard to Fin

With this red-orange dipping powder shade on your nails, it will be easy not to find a good man even if most will say it is hard to find.

2. Gimmer a Lido Kiss

The Gimmer a Lido Kiss is a bright red-orange with streaks of white that will look so luscious on your nails, it will want you to give your nails some soft kisses.


OPI Dip Green


1. My Dogsled is a Hybrid

This is a blue and green combination that looks well together. It’s a hybrid shade that will make you think of everything green, especially the wide ocean that sometimes may look like a vast shade of green.

2. I'm Sooo Swamped

This is an olive green shade that looks bright, it will give your nails an instant lift. Keep it for weeks and you will feel alive each day of the week.


This icy-blue violet hue will look so charming on your nails, everyone will want to have a look on you.

2. Purple Palazzo Pants

Here’s another lovely lilac hue for you. It’s one so unique you will want to wear this Purple Palazzo Pants on your nails day and night.

Your nails can get even better once you tried one of these glamorous hues. You can even make your nails grow longer and stronger with each application of one of these dipping powders. If you want to keep dip powder nails longer, you need to make sure that you use high-quality products. OPI has been around for decades and is known to provide the best nail enhancement products for its clients. There are countless colors to choose from. Find one that will best suit your needs.

If you are new to dipping powders, make sure you follow the instructions indicated in the products that you will buy. If you have tried one of these shades, let us know how you find them. Let others know your thoughts on this dipping powder system. You may also connect with us through the comments’ section below for your feedback.