LDS Dipping Powder Reviews 2023

LDS Dipping Powder Reviews 2023

Although the best nail dipping techniques have been attracting familarities to all nail technicians. But, recently there are numbers of branding that are creating and launching different ways for powder dipping. One of such is LDS dipping nail powder.

Being a beginner, you want to use a nail manicure process then you can choose various LDS nail kits for your nail care techniques.

Lavis Dip System(LDS) is a brand of dip nail powders that manufacture healthy and strong nail powders to give you the flawless and elegant manicure finish you desire.

LDS Dipping Powder


LDS dipping powder collection

The LDS dipping powder collection are available in different colors: brown, black, blue, glitter, nude, yellow, grey, multi, metallic, beige, amongst other exciting colors.

What is a dip powder manicure?

Dip powder manicure refers to long-lasting manicure that hardens without the use of Ultraviolet light. The color of the dipping nail powder is gotten by immersing the nails in a powder pigment, instead of the regular method of streak painting. The outcome is a perfect, even coat of paint, which makes it more fun as this could only be done by professionals, until this latest invention.

Which is better? Dipped nails or Gel?

These two options are great varieties, each with a unique blend of colors that give you the perfect result. However, one can differentiate between the two as the major factor is longevity. In this sense, dip powder manicures are capable of lasting for as long as one month, which is twice that of gel nail polish. In addition, dip powder manicures do not need light curing lamps. This goes to say that you don't have to worry about getting a huge nail lamp that occupies unnecessary space in your house, or bother about exposure to ultraviolet rays. Amazing right? LDS dip nail powder gives a flawless finish, is durable, long-lasting and provides the satisfaction you need, all these from the comfort of your home. You can't beat that.

Application of dip powder nail polish at home

 LDS Dipping Powder


LDS dip nail powder, like other dipping manicure brands can be applied by following certain procedures that are easy and can be done from the comfort of your home. These include:

  • Step 1: Push the cuticles backwards, then file the nails into whatever shape you want. This is the preparation process.
  • Step 2: Remove dirts and oil from the nail bed using a cleanser.
  • Step 3: Once dry, apply a base coat on the nail.
  • Step 4: Then dip the nails into the powder color and dust off the excess powder from the nails.
  • Step 5: Do the whole process all over again: double dunk in the dipping powder to get a full coverage and sturdy finish to get your perfect, chip-resistant manicure.
  • Step 6: Last but not the least, paint the nails with activator. This bonds the colored powder in a gloss. Then finish with a top coat to make it stronger.

Safety of LDS dip nail powder

Are you scared about using dip powder? Does your nail health bother you? You need not worry anymore. One interesting fact about dip powder is that it does not harm your nails, rather picking your nails or scraping manicure will. When you chip at your nails using a nail stick, the effect is removal of natural bed layers and weakening of your nails.

The best alternative to removing dip powder is applying the same process of removal as gel; this involves dipping a cotton mass in acetone and leaving it to settle on your nails for about 10 to 15 minutes before removing the color. If the nail polish doesn't go off after 15 minutes, leave your nails to soak in polish remover for a longer time. Always remember to add moisturizer to your nails when the whole process is done.

Features of LDS dip nail powder

Lavis Dip System has unique features which distinguish it from other dipping nail powder brands. Some of these features include:

  • LDS dipping nail powder is odorless, and therefore does not cause inconvenience to the user with a repulsive chemical smell like some nail brands.
  • This product is more affordable than most manicure products, and it gives a flawless finish to your nails.
  • LDS dipping nail powder is secured, and should be used by nail technicians or professionals and home users.
  • They are long lasting and durable as they can stay for as long as one month without chipping off or crazing.
  • LDS nail manicure is easy to use, for nail technicians and from the comfort of your home, giving you beautiful and flawless nails.
  • LDS dip nail powder brand is produced in a slim formula, making the nails easy and simple to carry about.
  • Absence of toxins, therefore your nails won't give off a chemical smell.

Characteristics of LDS dip nail powder

Some of the characteristics of LDS dip nail powder include:

1. Glowing finish: Glossy, thick and rigid nail appearance. However, it is very light on the nails. They have a glowing finish which makes them look neat.

2. Available in a variety of exciting colors: LDS dipping powder nails come in a variety of colors ranging from blue, beige, pink, yellow and other cool colors you'll love.

3. Healthy and nutritious to nails: LDS dip nail powder is rich in vitamin A and calcium, encouraging growth of strong and healthy nails, as well as flexibility of nails. They result in stronger nails.

4. Collection variety: LDS dip nail powders are available in a wide variety, from LDS ombre, LDS glitter collection, LDS liquid, LDS tie-dye and several others.

LDS dipping powder packages

These include: Jars of 20z powders, brush cleaner, nail nourisher and activators and other constituents.


Flawless and beautiful nails are always attractive and boost the confidence of the one wearing it. In your bid to get the best dipping powder nail brands, it is important to choose wisely. LDS manicure brands are a must-have for nail technicians and home users alike, as they offer numerous features and benefits as we have already listed above. They are not only affordable and durable, but give the perfect and glossy finish to your nails.


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