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How to Do Glazed Donut Nails

How to Do Glazed Donut Nails

The first time the world saw glazed donut nails was in 2022 at the Met Gala. Hailey Bieber and her manicurist came up with the idea to match Hailey’s designer dress. Now, everyone has been trying out this minimalist nail design. Happily, it’s easy to DIY at home. Let’s talk about how to do glazed donut nails.

Supplies Needed

Depending on which type of polish you choose to use, you’ll need different supplies for glazed donut nails.

First, prepare your nails in the usual way by removing the prior manicure. Then clip, shape, and buff. Push back those cuticles, too. Finally, make sure you have the following supplies on hand.

For gels:

  • Base coat and glossy top coat
  • Nude or brown gel polish (brown is for the chocolate donut style)
  • Pearlescent gel polish or pearlescent chrome powder (see below for suggestions)
  • A nail lamp

Lavis UV/LED Nail Lamp

Lavis UV/LED Nail Lamp


If you love doing manicures, you deserve an efficient nail lamp. This one is powerful enough for a salon and easy to use. It cures gels evenly and perfectly in seconds.

The reflective interior has 42 LEDs that emit UV rays to dry the polish. They turn on automatically when you trip the motion sensor after setting the timer.

Moreover, this is a portable nail lamp with a rechargeable battery that runs for hours. No wonder the pros like it.

For extensions:

For nail lacquer:

  • Base coat and glossy top coat
  • Nude or brown polish (see below for suggestions)
  • Pearlescent polish

For dip powder:

  • Base, activator, and top coat
  • Nude or chocolate brown dip powder
  • Chrome or pearlescent powder

Once you’re ready, there are two ways to do glazed donut nails.

The Easy Way to Do Glazed Donut Nails

Here is the quickest, simplest method for this type of manicure. It works with gel polish, dip powder nails, and nail lacquer.

  1. Apply the base coat and air-dry or cure.
  2. Put on the nude or chocolate color polish and cure or dry.
  3. Brush on pearlescent polish; let dry or cure.
  4. Apply the top coat and cure or dry.

Yes, it’s really that straightforward. You might also like how the professional method below turns out.

The Pro Way to Do Glazed Donut Nails

In the original TikTok video, the manicurist mixed a pinkish-beige polish with clear to make it sheerer. Once she applied it, she scrubbed the nail with pearlescent chrome powder for the glazed finish. However, don't forget the base and top coats!

Furthermore, other versions of glazed donut nails use brown instead of beige for chocolate donut nails or pink for strawberry donut nails.

Another celebrity manicurist gave donut nails an ombré look with sheer polish over metallic gray French tips.

No matter what colors you prefer, what matters is the “glazed” pearly chrome shine at the end.

What Are the Best Colors for Glazed Donut Nails?

We’re partial to shades like Basswood. It’s a warm light brown that makes for delicious-looking glazed donut nails. What’s more, it’s available in both gel and lacquer.

You might also like Geurg, a light beige, or Sweet Creature, a very pale nude. Check out the entire nude polish collection to get more inspiration.

When you shop for a pearlescent polish, we’d like to recommend Hi Honey in our Shell Aurora collection.

By the way, the manicurist who pulled off the ombré glazed donut nails used OPI’s Put It In Neutral followed by chrome polish and chrome powder. Here are other gorgeous options:

Chrome Liquid Kit

Chrome Liquid Kit


Chrome nails are trendy and irresistible. Here’s a set with six chrome colors ready to give you a stunning manicure. What's more, the polish air dries. You won't need a UV lamp to use it.

Aurora Chrome Powder

Aurora Chrome Powder


Give your glazed donut nails a warm, fresh out of the oven finish with this yummy chrome powder. It’s straightforward to use with either gels or nail lacquer.

Once you've applied a base coat and color, dry or cure those layers. Then put a dab of chrome powder on the nail and buff it with a silicone tool, brush, or your fingertip. When you're pleased with the mirror effect finish, wipe off the excess powder. Then apply the top coat and seal the edges.

Glazed Donut Nails Color Variations

As you may know, Hailey Bieber didn’t stop with the original iteration. She and others expanded the color palette to include shades like neon green, milky white, and strawberry pink (pale like a milkshake). What matters is the pearly, wet-looking finish, or glaze on top of the color.

If you feel like innovating with your glazed donut nails, try one of our glow-in-the-dark gels. Or sweeten things up with pink polish for strawberry glazed donuts or cocoa brown, too.

How Long Do Glazed Donut Nails Last?

If you do a glazed donut manicure with nail lacquer, it will last about a week. A gel manicure will last 2 or 3 weeks. And a dip powder manicure lasts for 4 weeks.

Preparation is the key to a long-lasting finish. Push back the cuticles and buff and cleanse the natural nail to keep the polish from lifting. Seal the edges and cap the tips to prevent chipping. Use thin coats because you can always add more. Also, follow the directions for how long to cure or dry the polish to keep it from bubbling or cracking.

Pro tip: if you've used gel polish, wipe it with alcohol before scrubbing it with chrome powder.

How to Remove Glazed Donut Nails?

It’s straightforward to remove this manicure. What matters is using the correct tool for the type of polish on the nails.

For example, regular nail polish remover takes off nail lacquer. Meanwhile, acetone dissolves gels and dip powder. In the case of the latter two finishes, you’ll need to buff the surface to help the remover penetrate.


We wish you lots of enjoyment as you do glazed donut nails. We hope you found everything you needed today. Feel free to contact us if you have questions about our products or your order.