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DND Gel Nail Polish Reviews 2024

DND Nail

DND is short for the company’s name, Daisy nail design. The company has been in the nail industry for more than ten years. With the DND polish, you can forget base coats, bond-aids, and even primers. This new gel formula contains a base coat, so all you need is the color and top coat. It’s all-in-one type formula that has gained popularity in the nail maintenance industry. This is so easy to understand why. Just look at the benefits that this international nail polish brand can provide you with.

Benefits of using DND Nail Polish

  • DND nail polish is great for DIYers. With any of this brand’s nail polish, you can have gorgeous manicured nails any time even at home. You will not only have your nails done quicker, but you can also achieve salon-quality finish nails.
  • There are hundreds of colors available to choose from. You won’t have to worry about ever missing a day without elegant and eye-catching nails to flaunt. With hundreds of shades and blends from DND nail polish, you can literally have any shade you want.
  • DND nail colors do not leave any unpleasant or strong scent or your nails. All you will have are naturally-looking nails that are total eye-catchers.
  • Nails coated with DND nail polish are never likely to smudge. The colors from this brand are self-leveling, sticks well, does not drip, and are quick drying. It will always be a no-mess application any time you choose to do your nails.
  • The nails coatings from Daisy and nail design are easy-soak nail enhancements. Whenever you need to change the colors on your hand, all you will need is to soak your nails with acetone-free polish remover. Wait for 20 minutes and your nail polish will come off easily.

DND Nail Polish Application Process

The DND nail polish system is a quick and easy nail enhancement application process that can be done even by a total beginner. Just follow the instructions to the dot and you will have perfect nails you can be proud of in no time.

1. Prepare the nail surface. For any nail polish application, it is essential that you have a clean surface to start with. This makes it easier for the formula to cling easier without clumping or dripping. This also makes the nail polish to dry quicker.

2. Buff and shape the nails to the desired length and shape. Your nails will look best when it complements your fingers and hands. The best way to do this is to trim and buff your nails to the shape that follows the contours of your lunula. This is the moon-shaped whitish area on the bed of your fingernails.

3. Apply the first layer of the gel coat. Make sure that you have applied the gel coat evenly on all areas of each nail.

4. Cure the nails for 30 minutes under a LED lamp. If you are using a UV lamp, you will need about two minutes to cure all nails.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for a fuller color coverage.

6. Apply the top coat. Then cure for the same time you cured the first two coats.

7. Use a lint-free pad to wipe off any excess nail polish on the skin around the nails.

Now, that was easy. Your nails will last up to three weeks. You don’t even have to worry since your nails will survive the three weeks without breaking, peeling or chipping. The secret is in the curing. This process makes the nails virtually as hard as stone. It also makes the nails to shine its brightest.

Now that you are familiar with all the benefits and the processes involved in creating great nails with DND nail polish colors, it’s time to pick a shade you will want to wear for weeks on end. For a lasting shine that you can wear for several weeks without chipping, you can choose from one of these exciting DND colors.

DND Gel Polish Colors


DND Gel Nail Polish


1. Boston University Red

If you want to catch the eyes of those college dudes, use Boston University Red. This nail shade will definitely leave a mark.

2. Pomegranate

Pomegranate is a rich red that will stay strong on your nails. You’ll have more time to gaze on this luscious color if you have this shade to cover your nails.


DND Gel Nail Polish


1. Terra Cotta

 This shade is a luminous color you will love to have on your nails. It’s daring but not too bold to let you look cool and still be the darling of the crowd.

2. Pastel Orange

Pastel Orange is a fun and light shade that will make you feel invigorated and lively throughout the day.


DND Gel Nail Polish


1. Sweet Romance

  As far as pinks go, Sweet Romance is one that has a slight lavender undertone. This makes it a cool toned pink. It’s classic and truly sweet.

2. Miami Sand

This shade will remind you of the long and sandy beaches in Miami. It will keep your feet looking fresh and bubbly.

3. Honey Beige

 Look like a diva while wearing this delightful shade. It’s honey beige and will make your nails look best in autumn.


DND Gel Nail Polish


1. Night Sky

 Let your nails shine like the night with DND’s Night Sky soak-off gel polish. It will make your nails glitter like the glam that you are.

2. Black Licorice

 Black is black and it will make your nails look fab. Apply this rich black gel creme on your nail and just wait for heads to turn.


DND Gel Nail Polish


1. Soaring Sky

 With nails coated with Soaring Sky, you will always feel light and peaceful. It will look like your nails have just touched the endless sky above.

2. Blue River

Blue River is both calming and cheerful. It gives you the confidence to conquer the day without feeling blue.


DND Gel Nail Polish


1. French Tips

This DND shade will make it easier to do perfect French tips on your nails. It will add a romantic touch to those nails.


DND Gel Nail Polish


1. Island Oasis

 This shade a perfect blend of green tones to make you feel your nails just found an Island Oasis.

2. Green To Green

Here’s a bold green to cheer those nails up. It has enough glitters that will make them look even better.


DND Gel Nail Polish


1. Summer Sun

Summer brings all the fun. Apply this on your nails and you will feel summer is all around.

2. Lemon Juice

 This shade will wake you up. You won’t just get tired of looking into this bright Lemon Juice DND shade on your nails. The feeling will just be too contagious.


DND Gel Nail Polish


1. Flamingo Pink

 Let your fingers dazzle. This bright creme pink will make your nails look like flamingos dancing in the air.

2. Rose Petal Pink

 A bubbly pink is this Rose Petal Pink. It will liven up the look of your nails. It can keep everyone’s eyes glued on them.


DND Gel Nail Polish


Looks like you’ve got magic on your nails when you got them covered with Fairy World. It is surprising and can wake up the amazement within.

2. Rose City

Let your world be filled with all things lovely, and let it start with your daintily painted nails with this charming Rose City shade. It’s one nail polish shade that can make your hands and nails feel chic and interesting all day.

DND DC Cat Eye

Here is another nail polish line from DND that will let you capture the intensity and mystery in a cat-eye’s look. Choose one from any of these interesting shades.

1. Black

2. Emerald Green.

3. Orange.

4. Red.

5. Old Rose.

6. Orange.

7. Purple.

8. Blue.

9. Black and Violet.

10. Grayish Black.

Tips for the Best Manicure with DND Nail Polish

It really is not that difficult to do your own manicures with the DND nail polish. Even if it is your first time to do it, we are pretty sure that you will still come up with a perfect finish. Even then, you can make use of these tips for the best manicure with these exciting nail color brand.

Preparation is the key. Make sure that you have everything that you will need for the manicure set in a clean and clutter-free workstation. Have all tools and the nail polish color you needed within reach.

Proper preparation of the nails is necessary. As pointed out earlier, this will allow your nail coatings to cling easier on your nails. A clean nail surface will allow the nail polish to glide smoothly on each nail surface. Your manicured nails will look better as well if they are trimmed, shaped, and buffed properly.

Apply thin layers of the nail polish. Doing this will make your polish to be painted evenly on each nail.

Remember that the polish is made for the nails and not for your skin. Making sure that you apply the nail polish precisely on each nail and not on your skin will save you much time. Just concentrate on applying the polish evenly and thinly with each brush stroke.

Have you tried any of these DND shades? How was the experience? Connect with us and our readers to make the interaction more engaging.