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Best Opal Nails Ideas to Reflect Your Radiance

Best Opal Nails Ideas

Nail trends come and go, but the classics always have a way of making a comeback…with a twist. Opal nail art is a modern spin on the milky white manicure. It resembles the precious stone with an iridescent sheen and a rainbow glittering inside.

Opal manicures are mesmerizing. They dress up any outfit and add extra sparkle to special occasions. In this article, we’ll look at the best opal nails ideas. Then, we’ll reveal how you can create opal nails for yourself. Ready to work some nail magic? Let’s get started!

Best Opal Nails Ideas

Square Opal Nails

Square Opal Nails

This opal nails manicure is simple, square, and elegant. The clean lines are stylish, but it’s the milky iridescent finish that sets this design apart. It’s a nod to the natural allure of opal stones. The nails catch the light in a quiet riot of colors for a look that’s understated yet sophisticated. It’s a testament that true beauty lies in simplicity. Achieving such a stunning result is within your reach. We carry the polish and tools to make it happen. Read on to learn more.

Heavy Metal and Opal Nails

Heavy Metal and Opal Nails

This isn’t your everyday opal manicure. It’s got a heavy metal vibe that will make your nails the center of attention. It’s opal, it’s metal, and it’s 100% badass. These nails could headline their own rock concert! Builder gel, chrome powder, and patient layering will make this dream come true.

What Do Opal Nails Mean?

If you love the look of opal nails, perhaps you also appreciate beauty and mystery. The gemstones themselves allegedly inspire creativity, emotional healing, and personal transformation. They might even enhance cosmic consciousness and strengthen psychic visions.

Opals have significance and symbolism in various cultures. They are associated with hope, purity, and truth. Besides being prized by royalty, these iridescent wonders were believed to bring good luck. As a “karmic” stone, they reflect the energy and emotions of the wearer.

Moreover, opal nails are versatile and can be worn for dressing up daily wear or impressing others on special occasions. They add a magical touch to a casual outfit or complement a formal ensemble with their rainbow charm.

When it comes to outfits, opal nails pair well with many colors due to their ability to reflect different hues. However, they particularly stand out when matched with pastels, metallics, or neutrals like white, black, or grey, that emphasize their beautiful play-of-color. Try opal nails with anything and watch the magic happen.

Almond Opal Nails

Almond Opal Nails

It’s hard not to be hypnotized by this stunning set of almond-shaped opal nails. Each nail is a masterpiece of layering and careful placement of glitter and holographic foil embedded in a milky white polish. They literally give off an otherworldly glow. The design invites onlookers to take a closer look at the intricate details that make each nail a unique piece of art.

Opal and Gold

Opal and Gold

You can add many different enhancements to a style like this. Some of the best opal nails ideas feature subtle upgrades like gold flakes or tiny crystals. Here, the gold foil makes each nail into a piece of fine jewelry. The opalescent finish gives off that classic gemstone appearance, while the gold adds a touch of luxury, like each nail is set in a gold ring. With nails this luxe, you’ve got to wear them with confidence!

How to Do Opal Nails

What polish and supplies do you need for opal nails? What’s the process to achieve that shimmery, colorful finish? Let’s talk about how to do an opal nails manicure.

First, the supplies:

  • Manicure tools like clippers, file, buffer block, cuticle stick, tweezers, polish remover, lint-free wipes, alcohol, and cuticle oil
  • Nail lamp (opal nails are easier and quicker to do with gel polish)
  • White and pastel polish colors (lilac is a lovely choice, but pink, pale yellow, or baby blue are also good)
  • Base coat and glossy top coat
  • Clear builder gel
  • Mylar pieces or transparent aurora foil and glitter
  • Chrome powder and black polish if you want the nails to look like opals in a jewelry setting

We recommend setting aside a couple of hours to complete the manicure. Keep your favorite beverage handy. Now, let’s begin with the essential first step.

Nail Prep

This manicure deserves a beautiful canvas with impeccably groomed nails and cuticles. Once your fingertips are ready, paint them all with the base coat and cure it.

Milky White Base Color

Brush on the milky white polish and cure it. This will ensure that all the following components and colors shine as they should.

Builder Gel

Apply a light layer of builder gel to the nails but don’t cure it yet. Remember that builder gel requires a different brush technique than regular polish. Use a side to side motion to spread it evenly.

Foil Flakes

On top of the uncured builder gel, use tweezers to place foil flakes. Once you’re pleased with its appearance, cure it.

Another Thin Layer of White Polish with Pastel Color Added Strategically

Paint a translucent layer of white over the cured builder gel. Don’t cure it. Instead, use a clean brush to blend a little pastel color with the milky white on the edges or corners. Now cure.


Sprinkle glitter—it should stick if there’s still an inhibition layer.

More Bulder Gel

Add another thin layer of builder gel and cure it. How does it look? Is there a pleasing milky depth with sparkles peeking through?

At this point, you can add the top coat and finish. Otherwise, keep going for a nice aesthetic touch.

Chrome Around the Edges

Next, remove the stickiness with rubbing alcohol and lint-free wipes. Paint a thin line of black polish around the nails. You could also crisscross the nails with veins, lettering, logos, or other accents. Finish this step by curing the polish thoroughly.

Use the applicator to burnish the black polish with chrome powder. Use a dry brush to clean the excess.

Finish with a Top Coat

Add the top coat and cure it. Mission accomplished!

(Credit goes to the Reddit user SCP887 for their detailed and creative tutorial on achieving this opal nails look).

Opal Nails


Explore other opal nails ideas using cat eye polish and glitter polish layered with milky white. You’ll find the perfect polish colors and professional nail art tools in our store. Stock up because we offer complimentary shipping on orders over $100.