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The 7 Best Nail Ridge Fillers for Well-Groomed Nails in 2024

The 7 Best Nail Ridge Fillers

Ridges are a common problem for nail enthusiasts. Those little undulations on the nail surface throw off the best-laid nail designs. You can try buffing them out at the risk of weakening the nail. Or you can hope that your base coat will smooth things over. However, there is an even better solution.

Ridge fillers magically smooth and conceal imperfections like a thick, self-leveling polish. They create the ideal canvas for a nail art masterpiece. So, let’s review the best nail ridge fillers for 2024 to help you find what you need.

But first, here’s a little background information.

What Causes Nail Ridges?

Those vertical grooves that go from the cuticle to the tip can make nails look like rippled potato chips. However, it’s common to see nail ridges form as we age. Moreover, dehydration caused by frequent exposure to chemicals like nail polish remover can speed up the formation of ridges. Also, health issues like anemia may contribute to nail ridges.

How to Treat Nail Ridges?

Keeping your nails hydrated may help strengthen them and slow down ridge formation. It’s also tempting to buff the nails and reduce the thickness of the ridges, but this may make the nail plate too thin, weakening it. Instead, ridge filler evens out the nail's surface and may strengthen it.

What Is Nail Ridge Filler?

Ridge filler is a special type of nail polish. It’s not the same as a base coat. Nevertheless, some ridge fillers can double as a base coat. Check the label if this feature interests you.

Most ridge fillers are transparent, even if they seem opaque in the bottle. They typically contain micro-fibers that fill the grooves like mortar between bricks or grout between tiles. The thick consistency self-levels. Then you can apply the base coat, colored polish, and top coat to enjoy a perfectly smooth finish.

Some ridge fillers offer bonus benefits for nail strengthening. They may contain calcium or biotin to fortify weak or brittle nails.

How to Use Nail Ridge Filler?

Just as you would for any manicure, you’ll need to prepare the nails before applying ridge filler. This means trimming and shaping them. Push back the cuticles, too. Then wipe off debris and excess oil with rubbing alcohol.

Next, brush on a coat of ridge filler and allow it to dry. Feel free to apply a second coat if the surface is still bumpy. (Most people will need 2 coats).

Once you’re satisfied and the filler is dry, proceed with the rest of the manicure.

Is There Ridge Filler for Gels?

Ridge fillers may not be compatible with gel polish, so look for a rubber base gel instead. It's a thick and flexible base coat that doubles as a ridge filler. You’ll need a nail lamp to cure it.

Keep reading to learn more about the different types of nail ridge fillers.

The Best Nail Ridge Fillers

There are many different brands available. Check the reviews below to find the best match for your situation.

Barielle Nail Ridge Filler

Barielle Nail Ridge Filler

This popular nail care product is 7-free without toxins like formaldehyde, so it's safe during pregnancy. What's more, it's extra-hydrating for dry nails.

The formula has silk protein fiber to fill grooves and strengthen the natural nails to help them grow strong. It's effortless to apply and takes little time to dry. The biggest complaint is that it may peel off in a few days if the nails aren’t properly prepared before it’s applied.

Nail Tek Ridge Filler

Nail Tek Ridge Filler

It has a strong odor, but this salon-quality ridge filler is perfect for brittle nails. It combines microfibers and nail conditioners, and strengtheners for professional results.

Essie Smooth-E Base Coat

Essie Smooth-E Base Coat

Here’s a timesaver that also happens to be vegan and 8-free to protect your health. It’s a ridge filler and a base coat all in one. Not only does it provide a sleek finish, but it keeps nails hydrated with ceramides. Furthermore, since it doubles as a base coat, it protects against staining and cuts down on extra steps. Brush on one coat of this base, followed by 2 coats of nail color. Then finish with a top coat.

Zoya Get Even Nail Ridge Filling Base Coat

Zoya Get Even Nail Ridge Filling Base Coat

This brand is known for its non-toxic products. Therefore, it's not surprising that it avoids harsh ingredients like formaldehyde. Overall, it has only 9 ingredients, and that's all it needs to fill ridges.

It looks white in the bottle but dries to a transparent, matte finish. Unlike some ridge fillers, it has a thin consistency.

Lavis Gel Polish Rubber Base Collection

Lavis Gel Polish Rubber Base Collection


If you’re applying gels, use a rubber base coat like this one. The Lavis Rubber Base Collection offers sheer, transparent colors, including clear, pale pink, and neutral shades. They are the perfect foundation for a salon-quality finish.

Not only will the rubber base gel make your manicure last longer, but it also smooths the surface by filling in ridges. We especially love the rounded brush that makes application quick and easy.

You’ll need a nail lamp to cure the rubber base, but it sets faster than many ridge fillers air-dry. The finish is flexible and glossy.

Moreover, the formula is nearly odorless. It’s non-toxic, vegan, and never tested on animals.

Gelish - Foundation Flex Gel Light Nude

Gelish - Foundation Flex Gel Light Nude


Here’s a rubber base gel that’s 10-free and enriched with biotin and vitamin A for healthy, strong nails. What’s interesting is that it adds volume and hides discoloration.

The formula has a naturally-sourced bonding agent that’s light-activated when you cure it in a nail lamp. This flexible bonder makes nails instantly stronger, protecting them against splitting and breaking.

Furthermore, it only takes 30 seconds to cure – but you’ll need to apply 2 coats.

DND Gel Base & Top 500 600

DND Gel Base & Top 500 600


This affordable set features both base and top coats. The gel base isn’t technically a ridge filler but offers some smoothing while fortifying the nail. It's best if you have small ridges or imperfections.


When it comes to gorgeous manicures, we understand the importance of starting with a flawless canvas. As we come to the end of this nail ridge filler guide, we hope that you've found what you need today. We want to empower you to achieve your dream nails.

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