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The 7 Best Nail Polish Colors for Dark Skin 2024

Best Nail Polish Colors for Dark Skin

Everyone loves a good fashion moment. Truth be told, it is more endearing and heartwarming if every day can become a fantastic fashion show. To get to this stage, one must come to peace with the best type of colors, accessories, and styles that suit their body type and skin type, among other things.

We are all different, and we all have particular interests and fashion tastes. And the best thing about nail polish is regardless of how unique your taste is, there's always something available for you!

For example, while no rule says dark skins should only be subject to some nail polish color, there is also no denying that some colors appear better against dark skin than others. Since it is expected that you would only want to go for the best as far as your nail polish is concerned, anyone would understand the rationale for choosing the nail polish colors for dark skin.

Moreover, why go for something mundane when there are so many nail polish colors that can add the perfect glow to your dark skin. Some of these nail polish colors for dark skin are:

Top Nail Polish Colors for Dark Skin

OPI Pearl of Wisdom White Nail Polish

OPI Pearl of Wisdom White Nail Polish

When it comes to a white polish against dark skin, everyone can testify to the beauty of this contrasting combination. Apart from the fact that a white nail polish tends to glitter, it also sparkles, and adding a sharp cutout design to the glow your white nail polish already produces will make your nails look even more incredibly beautiful.

One other unique thing about white nail polish color that we do not talk about enough is that it is the type of nail polish color that can blend other colors or mixed with different colors like black, cobalt blue, red, and other designs. To put it simply, if you are creative enough, a bottle of OPI pearl of wisdom white nail polish in your hands can give birth to different fashion ideas.

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Jinsoon Aero Sky Blue Nail Polish

Jinsoon Aero Sky Blue Nail Polish

Sky blue is a standard color, and it is a consensus that it is one of the most fabulous colors out there. Although the sky best wears this shade of blue, nothing says that other elements like your dark skin can’t rock a good sky blue color. Sky blue color against your dark skin is the iconic pair that will make you the coolest kid in any room.

Your dark skin may agree with many colors. But, wearing Jinsoon Aero Sky Blue Nail Polish should easily assure you that sky blue is one of the best types of colors for your skin.

Deborah Lippmann Rule Breaker Purple Hue Nail Polish

Deborah Lippmann Rule Breaker Purple Hue Nail Polish

A superficial look at the purple hue against dark skin may not inspire ultra- positivity. But, on a closer look, you soon get to know that the purple hue will always be one of the best options to go for if you want a glistening nail for yourself.

As long as you have nothing against the color purple, you will find that there are so many pros to using the color, of which the most relatable is that you do not need UV lights to get the sparkle everyone desires to see when they use nail polish.

ILNP Empire Golden Nail Polish

ILNP Empire Golden Nail Polish

Gold is a unique color to all and sundry. Frankly, it is even more substantial in the fashion world because of its versatility and ability to complement your clothes boldly.

With the ILNP empire golden nail polish, you get to enjoy all prospects of the color gold in nail polish. You should prepare to stand out elegantly and be ready to receive stares from many people out of admiration if you ever decide to go for this empire golden nail polish.

La Pierre Cosmetics Elements of Passion Red Nail Polish

La Pierre Cosmetics Elements of Passion Red Nail Polish

Red speaks volumes, and it has always been a popular go-to color for many fashion enthusiasts. So, it is exhilarating to find out that red is another color that agrees with dark skin.

Apart from the fact that the color red is bold enough to introduce you when you enter a room, this color also takes your elegance and poise a notch higher.

La Pierre knows just what is best for your dark skin, and this is why the brand made this particular color in different shades, of which the cherry apple has become a star and the best option for all dark skins.

Morgan Taylor Stop Shop and Roll Green Nail Polish

Morgan Taylor Stop Shop and Roll Green Nail Polish

Generally, people believe that green is a supreme color. Its supremacy extends even to the fashion world, so quickly that it is also considered one of the best types ofcolorsr for nail polish.

While the green color does not discriminate against skin color, it sure complementss the dark skin in ways you might not find with other skin types and colors. Thanks to Morgan Taylor, the best green nail polish, neon green, is available to all and sundry.

With easy access to the neon green, there is an assurance that you now only step out with your head held high and with a visible elegance and beauty to all the people around you.

Kokois USA E-17 Bitter Chocolate Nail Polish

Kokois USA E-17 Bitter Chocolate Nail polish

At first glance, the chocolate hue is reasonably attractive, yet a closer look tells an even more compelling story.  And the way the color blends with dark skin? That may be something you have to try out before you can understand. But, one thing is that, from checking out random dark people with a chocolaty color for their nail polish, no color blends better with their skin.

The allure does not stop with its ability to blend perfectly with your skin when it comes to a chocolate color. Of course, that is not to rule out the fact that the blending ability is perfect. But, the allure extends to its capacity to give you class, poise, and beauty.


You may have been confused about the best types of color for your dark skin. It is understandable because so many people like you have once been in that position. But, here is a piece of good news for you; you do not have to worry anymore about the best nail color for your skin type.

The above brands have taken it upon themselves to study and produce some of the best and most elegant nail polish colors perfect for darker skin types. Choose one or all of them and we promise you that you won’t be disappointed! You want to look and feel beautiful, don’t you? These nail polish is all you need!