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The 6 Best Matcha Latte Nail Design That Will Make Everyone Envious 2024

Best Matcha Latte Nail Design

Matcha latte isn't just a fashionable drink. It's also a popular nail art trend. What's the best way to get the matcha aesthetic on your nails? With designs featuring earthy hues and creamy greens, of course! Keep reading for tips on how to create the best matcha latte nail design for your next manicure.

Choose the Best Matcha Latte Colors

When choosing the best matcha latte colors, think about your skin tone. If you have a warm-toned complexion, opt for a true green color or one with yellow undertones. Or, if you are cool-toned, a green shade with a bluish hue may be more flattering.

If you’re not sure, start with the obvious choice. Kiara Sky has a Matcha Latte shade that coordinates perfectly with the drink of the same name. If you prefer something a little softer and more sophisticated, try LDS Green Chantilly. It’s available as gel polish or non-toxic nail lacquer.

Check out the matcha latte nail design ideas below for inspiration.

Design Inspiration for Matcha Latte Nails

You can take almost any nail design and incorporate the matcha theme. The good news is that matcha nails look stylish with any length or shape. There’s also lots of flexibility regarding the finish. High gloss brings out the rich color of a milky green shade. Nevertheless, a matte finish adds a touch of elegance and is just as durable.

Moreover, you can have a lot of fun adding latte art with a nail stamp or stickers. Get even more ideas from this collection of the best matcha latte nail designs below.

Steaming Matcha Tea Nails

Best Matcha Latte Nail Design

Don't you love watching the swirl of steam rising from your cup of green tea? Now you can create the same effect on your nails.

What’s more, reflective opal polish will make it even more dazzling! This gel has a different look depending on the type of light. It's easy to use, even for beginners.

You'll need a few tools if you've never done a gel manicure. Besides base and top coats, you’ll want a nail lamp to cure or dry all the polish. It may seem like a big investment at first, but you'll be hooked once you experience how easy it is to do a gel manicure and see how long it stays gorgeous.

Gel polish makes it possible to do all sorts of nail art. For this look, brush on and cure the base coat and at least one coat of shimmery green polish. Then use a thin nail art brush to add the white vapor swirls. Finish up with a glossy top coat.

The great thing about gel polish is that it doesn't disturb or dissolve the layers underneath. You have as much time as you need to work with it because it won't dry until you cure it. If you're unhappy with the design, wipe it off and try again. There's no need to pull out the acetone until you're ready to remove the polish altogether.

Waves of Matcha and Cream

Best Matcha Latte Nail Design

We found the perfect shade of cream for this wavy matcha nail design. The waves create a soothing effect, ideal for those who want to unwind and relax. The carefully selected shade of cream complements the matcha green, resulting in an elegant finish. This nail design is versatile and beautiful whether you want a casual or formal look.

Lavis LX2 - 17 Gel Wedding Bouquet Collection

Lavis LX2 - 17 Gel Wedding Bouquet Collection


It's delightful to brush on this creamy gel polish. Not only is it practically odorless, but it's richly pigmented for excellent coverage with only one coat. It won't shrink when cured, and it lasts up to 3 weeks without chipping or peeling. When it's time to change up your manicure, it soaks off in about 10 minutes.

Matcha French Tips

Best Matcha Latte Nail Design

If you only want a touch of matcha on your nails but don't want to be too basic, try this delicate design. It's easy to do with blossom gel and two of your favorite green shades. Make it even more glamorous with glitter green cat’s eye polish.

Get a preview of how to use blossom or blooming gel polish in this video. It’s perfect for marbled matcha nails.

Yin and Yang Matcha Nails

Best Matcha Latte Nail Design

Remind yourself to seek balance every time you look at your nails. We found two subtle green shades that suit the design, so you don't need white polish. Take a look at Celadon and Smoky Green and see what you think. They are available as either gel or nail lacquer.

Matcha Latte Gradient Nails

Best Matcha Latte Nail Design

Call it ombre or gradient. Either way, this manicure is delightful. You’ll need at least two colors for the look. We like Fern Green for the darker shade. What would you pick for the light color?

Matcha Mesh Nails

Best Matcha Latte Nail Design

This refined geometric design doesn't require a steady hand if you have nail tape, a stencil, or a thin brush. Why not upgrade it with gold embossing gel while you’re at it?

Other Match Nail Design Colors to Contemplate

Instead of glaring green tones, matcha nails also look good with understated shades like Pixel Fairy, Reflecting Sphere, and Dark Khaki. As you gaze upon them, imagine the possibilities. Camouflage matcha nails, marbled matcha nails, matcha bubble nails…There are just so many things to try!

Matcha Nail Care

Did you know you can nourish your nails and skin with matcha green tea? It’s packed with antioxidants and moisturizers to strengthen the nails and keep your hands young and beautiful.

And if you want a salon finish after all your hard work, be sure to apply cuticle oil before snapping selfies. If you keep your cuticles hydrated, they are much easier to manage for your next manicure.


We hope you get maximum enjoyment from doing matcha latte nail art. It’s fun to treat yourself to the latest nail trends!

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