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The 7 Best Nail Line Art Designs to Have on Your Nails

The 7 Best Nail Line Art Designs to Have on Your Nails

There was a time when nail polish was the best decoration for your nails. However, people have started experimenting with nail art designs to beautify their nails. Line nail art designs have become popular because they offer users multiple options. This article will discuss some exciting line nail art designs that can redefine your beauty quotient.

High-quality Products

Nail line art designs can be exciting, but choosing the best products is crucial. Cheap products can damage the manicure and make your nails look smudgy.

LDS Line Art Gel Polish

LDS Line Art Gel Polish


LDS offers an exquisite range of nail line art color options that allow you to try out whichever design you like. The best aspect is that each of the LDS colors can get you beautiful French manicures that can redefine your personality to the next level. Besides the French manicures, LDS offers platinum line art gel nail polish options that can give you an exquisite finish, with its black backgrounds and colorful edges.

DND Line Art Gel

DND Line Art Gel


DND line art offers exciting options that can enhance your manicures and make them look beautiful every time.

CNA Line Art Gel

CNA Line Art Gel


CNA line art allows you to give vent to your imagination as you can try out the myriad options and become the star of the show wherever you go.

Let us now discuss some nail line art designs for your convenience.

Top 7 Nail Line Art Designs to Have on Your Nails

Simple line nail art

As the name suggests, simple line nail art constitutes simple one-line designs that provide contrasting looks to your nails. You can have these designs as straight lines or curve them into beautiful shapes. Intersecting lines can also present an attractive look. Some women love horizontal line designs, whereas some prefer vertical lines. Colorful line designs are trending today, with each nail sporting lines of different colors.

One-line nail art

The One line nail art is an extension of the simple line nail art design. This design does not have more than one line on the nails. The line doesn't need to be straight. It can curve and also intersect itself. You can have a white nail polish base and black one-line nail art. Alternatively, white lines on a black polish base can also look beautiful. A nude base with colored lines can add to your beauty quotient.

Minimalist line nail art

Minimalist line nail art designs have become popular today because of their simplicity. The best aspect is that you can create your minimalist designs on the spur of the moment rather than going for stereotyped patterns. It allows you to be creative and use your imagination best. So you can have different nail designs whenever you have one on your nails. This diversity makes the minimalist line nail art design the go-to design pattern.

Wavy line nail art

Wavy-line nail art is beautiful, as you can experiment with multiple designs and make your nails look exotic. These designs can be in the form of simple lines, or you can try painting half of your nails with these wavy patterns. For example, simple black lines look great on nude nails or white backgrounds. At the same time, you can go for the colorful finishes over your regular manicures and still look beautiful.

Nail art lines and dots

Nail art lines and dots are unique designs that can make your nails look more beautiful. You have the freedom to experiment with multiple designs on your nails and give full vent to your imagination. These designs comprising lines and dots are attractive, with almost every woman loving them. You can either paint the patterns on your nails or use nail art stickers based on your preferences. Your choice of colors can vary but having contrasting shades is the trend. Usually, people go for white or golden designs on black backgrounds. Alternatively, black line art designs on nude nails look excellent.

Abstract line nail art

Here, you can have whatever pattern you like and still look beautiful. People have painted smiley logos on their nails as abstract line nail art designs to look different. You can have a mixture of all the designs discussed above and call it an abstract nail art pattern. In simple words, any design should look good on your nails if you paint them well. If you are not good at painting designs, you can always purchase the readymade nail art templates and have the design of your choice.

French manicure

The French manicure is a cute design that has stood the test of time. This design involves painting your nails with your favorite shades and having a white strip at the edges. It literally caps the edges and makes your nails look beautiful. Some people love the reverse French manicure, where the white stripe is at the base instead of the edges. However, this design has drawbacks because the natural nail growth affects your manicure adversely.

How to Get the Best Line Nail Art Design?

Line nail art designs require tremendous artistic skills because they involve multiple colors. So choosing matching colors is critical. Besides, one must be accurate with their lines, or they could end up smudging color and damaging the manicure. Therefore, using high-quality products becomes imperative. Our website offers an excellent range of best-quality brands like LDS Line Art Gel to draw precise line nail art designs and enhance your beauty quotient.

The procedure for having top-quality line nail art designs is easy. But it requires practice to master it.

  • Have your regular gel manicure the usual way.
  • Cure your nails well under the UV lamp after every layer. It allows the gel polish to dry and stick to your nails beautifully.
  • Now, you can proceed with creating your nail art patterns. The best way is to use your imagination and create your preferred designs. We suggest using a thin brush to paint these designs on your nails. Otherwise, it can damage your manicure.
  • Finally, cure your nails under the UV lamp to allow the gel polish to set well.
  • Then, you can have a topcoat application to lock the design on your nails.

Color combinations to try for line nail art designs

LDS Line Art, DND, and CNA offer exquisite color options, allowing you to choose from multiple matching colors. For example, the white base is the most popular. You can have fantastic line art designs in numerous ways on white-colored nails. The French manicure variant is an excellent choice where you can have different colors like red, pink, brown, and even black for the nail edges.

Final Thoughts

Simple manicures can be excellent for your enhancing your nail's beauty. But line nail art designs add to the attractiveness quotient and make your manicure look desirable. We have discussed some beautiful patterns that anyone can try out. The best feature of these designs is that you can sketch your preferred design based on your imagination and skills. So line nail art designs can make your nails look beautiful.