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3 “Must Have” White Nail Gel Polish That You Need in 2024!

White Nail Gel Polish

There are quite a lot of nail colors from different brands, so it is difficult for some of you to choose. However, we cannot deny that in many options, white nail gel polish has been around for a long time but still occupies a certain position in the hearts of customers. This color tone is quite simple, gentle, bringing an impressive and aristocratic style.

Why White Nail Gel Polish Is the Most Popular?

White Nail Gel Polish

Nail gel polish colors can be said to be familiar things that almost women need. This beautify for the hands and contributes to the beauty of your nails. In general, you can do your own nails at home without spending money at a nail salon. But when doing it at home, you also need to clean your nails to get the best and most beautiful nail color.

As for the white nail polish, you can easily paint your nails yourself even if you just used it for the first time. Because this paint color does not need to be painted with more textures, it still exudes innate elegance. This is also the reason why this white is always the nail color, which “must have” in girl’s nail polish colors collection.

Creamy white nail polish for those of you who like simplicity and lightness. After many times of nail polish, you should choose natural organic pigments to ensure health safety.

So, among hundreds of nail brands on the beauty market, have you chosen for yourself and your loved ones the right nail polish lines with a variety of shades, durability and reasonable prices? In this post, we will show you guys 3 must have white nail gel polishes that you all need!

Best White Nail Gel Polish

OPI L00 Alpine Snow

OPI L00 Alpine Snow


Referring to cream nail polish, we cannot help but mention OPI nail gel polish colors, a very famous nail polish brand all over the world. Products using natural ingredients bring high safety to users and are well received by the market. This is also an exclusive brand certified by USDA FDA quality standards.

What makes this product line special is that it removes harmful chemicals commonly found in other paint lines. The main ingredients of OPI nail polish include organic incense, tea tree oil. Therefore, the product is both beautiful and natural, while nourishing nails from the inside, fighting nail fungus.

OPI white regular nail polish dries quickly, it is long lasting to wear, it has a pleasant scent and doesn't yellow when applied. So, you do not need to soak your nails in acetone & you do not need the LED or UV lamp to cure your nails. Thanks to that, pregnant and nursing mothers can still use this paint line.

OPI L00 Alpine Snow white color on natural nails exalts the elegance and personality of women. For nail connoisseurs, you can't go wrong with OPI’s nail polish range.

LDS 091 Why White?

LDS 091 Why White


LDS nail gel polish is another American nail polish product line that is trusted by many beauty enthusiasts in the US and Canada. The reason LDS nails can surpass many competitors and have a stable foothold in the market in recent years is because of its natural, non-toxic nature. As a result, this coat dries quickly and tends to stick to the nail over time, it can look like new for up to 21 days.

LDS nail polishes, including gel or regular nail polishes, are always at the forefront of trendy chic and noble colors and its biggest highlight is "healthy". If you have chosen this product line, you cannot ignore the cream nail polish. White combined with warm tones, your nails are still beautiful when bare without adding texture. For the clearest milky white color, simply apply 2 coats of LDS 091 Why White?! LDS gel polish dries very quickly under LED or UV light, it only takes 30-60 seconds to cure 1 coat, without causing burning or discomfort.

LAVIS 124 White Dove

LAVIS 124 White Dove


LAVIS nail polish product line is with improved formulas from LDS nail gel polish, it inherits many outstanding and good features of LDS Nails and at the same time it is researched and manufactured in the USA and certified approved by the US Department of Health. The outstanding advantage of this product line is the unique improvement in color, if LDS gel & matching nail lacquer goes in the direction of luxury and nobility, LAVIS has a youthful and eye-catching direction with many pastel tones. bright and sweet. But LAVIS nail gel polish colors still has white in its collection that includes many different unique shades to meet the needs of customers. This is also the reason why many nail salons in the US have trusted and used LAVIS.

LAVIS nail polishes have been removed from harmful substances commonly found in nail polish ingredient lists. As a result, respiratory diseases and cancer are avoided. Instead, its ingredient list contains a lot of vitamins A, E, argan oil, which helps nourish nails well.

LAVIS 124 White Dove LAVIS white nail polish has a pastel yellow pastel color, which is very suitable for those of you who like lightness and softness but young and dynamic. Just apply two thin coats of polish and you will have a fairly standard opaque white nail set. This advantage is satisfied and appreciated by many beauty connoisseurs.

In addition, this creamy white nail polish set is known for its high durability. You can do chores but the paint color will take a long time, from 20 days to 1 month. It's not wrong to say you should try LAVIS nail polish set, especially this creamy white color.

Final Thought

It can be said that white is a color that is never outdated and it is indispensable in any collection of beauty followers, from clothes, shoes, sunglasses, nail polish,..!  White nail polish is always the most delicate and perfect choice for girls, so it is very important for you to distinguish between good and bad product lines on the market to ensure your health and beauty in the safest, most cost-effective way for yourself, your family and your customers.