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How to Get Milky White Nails at Home?

How to Get Milky White Nails?

J. Lo had them at her wedding. Lizzo wore them to the Jingle Ball. Zoe Kravitz sported them as Catwoman. It's no wonder everyone's interested in getting milky white nails these days. The good news is that this is one of the most effortless nail designs to do at home.

Moreover, milky white nails look beautiful on every skin color and every nail shape. They’re perfect for any occasion, formal or informal. And they can be adapted to include accents like glitter, pearls, rhinestones, or dried flowers.

Let's discuss what polish you need to get milky white nails.

Supplies Needed for Milky White Nails

All you need is a semi-opaque shade of white polish. Unlike glazed donut nails, there’s no requirement to use chrome powder.

Although a glossy top coat is the typical finish, you can also do matte milky white nails.

But which white polish is translucent enough for milky nails? There are lots of white polishes available, but most are opaque right out of the bottle.

Happily, this is an easy choice. We have a jelly nude neutral white polish that's semi-transparent. It's handy for jelly nails and perfect for milky white nails.

LDS 01 Simply White - Gel Polish Jelly Nude

LDS 01 Simply White - Gel Polish Jelly Nude


Here’s a sophisticated, semi-opaque white nail polish that imitates the appearance of milk. It has a creamy texture that's straightforward for beginners to apply and is beloved by pros. What's more, the glossy finish lasts up to 3 weeks when applied over a base coat and under a top coat.

Unlike nail lacquer, this gel polish has a pleasant scent. It won’t dry until it’s cured for 60 seconds in a nail lamp. Therefore, you have all the time you need to work with it. Moreover, each additional coat turns the translucent polish slightly more opaque until you get the perfect milky nails look.

If you'd rather use nail lacquer instead of a gel, there are other translucent white options like Essie's Waltz or Marshmallow.

Plus, you can custom-mix milky white nail polish colors. You'll need a transparent top coat to blend with the white polish. An excellent place to start is with 3 parts white polish and one part top coat. Feel free to alter the ratio depending on whether you want the custom color to be more opaque or transparent.

We like using Blissful White, A Perfect Cloud, or Milky Way. All of these shades are available in both gel polish and nail lacquer. Some are pure white, and others are creamy, so you can personalize your look.

All of these gels blend well with the glossy Lavis no-wipe top coat. Nevertheless, you can also mix white gel polish with a matte top coat.

The matte finish is a unique look that feels more sophisticated.

Finally, choose a transparent top coat or clear nail polish to dilute white nail lacquer.

How to Get Milky White Nails

When you’re ready to enjoy milky white goodness on your fingertips, round up your manicure supplies. The first thing you’ll need to do is remove your old polish and prep your nails.

Since milky white nails are see-through, it's crucial to shape the nails and push back the cuticles until they look perfect.

Wrap up the nail prep by lightly buffing the nail plate to remove the shine. Then cleanse the nails with a lint-free nail wipe and rubbing alcohol or acetone to remove the natural oil. Please don't use cotton pads because they may leave fuzzies behind.

Now you’re ready to apply either gel polish or nail lacquer.

How to Do Milky White Gels

Applying gel polish takes longer and has more steps, but the finish looks new for weeks.

Begin by brushing on a base coat and curing it. Then apply the first milky white polish coat and cure it.

If you’re satisfied with the color, brush on the top coat and cure it. Otherwise, add a second or even a third coat of white polish to make it more opaque before applying using the top coat.

How to Do Milky White Nails with Nail Lacquer

Regular nail polish usually doesn’t require a base coat. Instead, apply one or two coats of milky white polish. If you seal them with a top coat, your manicure will last longer. Wait at least 5 minutes between layers to avoid smudging the polish.

Additional Milky White Nail Designs

How to Get Milky White Nails?

It’s easy to glam up milky white nails with glitter. You can use a translucent or diluted white glitter polish on all the nails or add glitter to an accent nail on each hand.

Another option is to do milk bath nails. This is easiest with gel polish and dried flowers or confetti. Gels flow more easily and won't be set until they are cured, so you can perfectly coat the petals and leaves.

Start with the base and one coat of milky white polish. Press the flowers into place and cure the polish. Add additional layers of polish on top to add depth and blur the flowers as if they were floating in bathwater. Finish with a glossy top coat.

Then, there are milky cloud nails with a marbled effect that looks gorgeous on soft gel extensions. This effect is straightforward to create with blossom gel. Watch this video to see how it’s done.

Lastly, decorating milky white nails with pearls and gemstones is fun. And you don’t even need to stick with milky white when pink and blue milky nails are trending, too.


Milky white nails are a simple and elegant look on anyone. It's a timeless design that's easy to do at home. Furthermore, its versatile and adaptable look is suitable for any occasion. We hope you have fun doing a milky white manicure soon!

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