LDS Draw Painting Gel Nails Polish Nail Art 09-10, Liner Brush

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Lavis Dip Color Gel Kit includes 2 colors: 09, 10 and 1 Liner Brush

This nail gel polish is easy to apply and soak off.

Allow you for professional or home nail art design.

A professional nail art gift.


  1. Apply gel base and cure under UV/LED lamp
  2. Apply a color gel of your choice and cure under UV/LED lamp
  3. Start draw your design using LDS gel color and cure under UV/LED lamp
  4. Apply gel top for a more durable & shiny look and cure under UV/LED lamp

PLEASE NOTE: Color samples/ images may vary depending on different monitors and screens. It is up to the buyer to do their research for the product they are purchasing. Packaging may vary.

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