New Nail Art Air Cushion Powder Pen Design - MCB20

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New Nail Art Air Cushion Powder Pen Design - MCB20

  • Easy-to-use-applicator: with a revolutionary built-in air cushion applicator, Air Cushion Chrome Powder Pen is beginner-friendly and allows you to easily glide chrome powder to create smooth, metallic nails.
  • High shine mirror nails: creating a high shine mirror-like effect and is shinier than traditional metallic polish and looks stunning on short or long nails in any shapes. This is the must-have beauty tool for any occasion.
  • Multi-use nail art: Air Cushion Chrome Powder Pen is made for multi-use and can be applied with all gels, soak-off gels, nail polish, poly nail gel, etc. When layering chrome powders on different nails polish agents, it will also create a different effect.
  • Mirror effect metallic colors: this chrome powders are the finest grade and effortlessly iridescent


  1. Clean the nails and trim the nail surface.
  2. Apply UV BASE COAT and cure with UV/LED lamp for about 30-60s.
  3. Apply your favorite UV COLOR GEL and cure with UV/LED light for about 30-60s.
  4. Apply nail powder to the nails with a sponge stick. You need to polish your nails until you get a shiny effect that will satisfy you.
  5. Sealed with UV TOP COAT and cured under UV/LED lamp.

After use you can get holographic nails, chrome look, rainbow effect.

PLEASE NOTE: The color will change with light according to different viewing angles or primary colors. Different primary colors will produce different actual effects.

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