DREAMY DREAM - LDS Holiday Gel Nail Polish Collection: 001, 180, 181, 005, 006, 008, 009, 010, 011

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DREAMY DREAM - LDS Holiday Gel Nail Polish Collection: 001, 180, 181, 005, 006, 008, 009, 010, 011

"It’s impolite to stare, unless of course, it’s at gorgeous nails."

Includes 9 gel color polishes - size: 0.5 fl. oz/ea

  • 1 LDS Gel Color 001 - Breakfast at Tiffany's
  • 1 LDS Gel Color 180 - Blissful White
  • 1 LDS Gel Color 181 - Pink Rose
  • 1 LDS Gel Color 005 - Beige Me
  • 1 LDS Gel Color 006 - I'm Blushing For You
  • 1 LDS Gel Color 008 - Green Chantilly
  • 1 LDS Gel Color 009 - Smoke Blue
  • 1 LDS Gel Color 010 - Lavender Ballad
  • 1 LDS Gel Color 011 - Mellow Yellow

LDS Healthy Gel Polish

-Last up to 14 days - Will not easily chip, break or peel

-Can be used under LED or UV light

-Glossy finish


-No damage

-No wrinkle

-Very flexible

-Good coverage

-Easy to apply - you have as much time needed to paint and fix your gel color; the gel color will only dry after you cure it

-Less curing time needed: 60 seconds - the longer time you cure your gel color, the longer time it can stay on your nails


  1. File and shape your nails.
  2. Base Gel: Apply 1 thin layer of LDS Base Gel, cure under LED/UV lamp for 60-90 seconds.
  3. Gel Color Polish: Apply 2 thin coats of LDS Gel Color, leaving a hairline margin around the cuticle area. Cure each coat 60-90 seconds under the LED/UV lamp.
  4. Top Gel: Apply 1 thin coat of LDS Top Gel, leaving a hairline margin around the cuticle area. Cure 60-90 seconds under the LED/UV lamp.

Holiday Value Gift Set:

-A perfect gel nail polish set for both DIY Home Mani Users and Professional Nail Technicians.

-This collection definitely includes an upgraded version for your traditional glitter nail colors. You can use them on their own or you can combine them with solid colors to create a different look and vibe. Perfect for a casual brunch date with your besties, glamorous for a girls’ night out, or sophisticated for a family dinner. 

-Ideal Gift for Her: This kit comes in a seasonal gift box. It’s a perfect gift for any holiday or special event such as birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day. 

-Lowest price. Great value. Ready-to-go gift box. Easy application. 


Read directions for use carefully. 

Products are professionally formulated and only used for nails.

A Skin Test before using is necessary. Stop using immediately if feeling uncomfortable!

Avoid contact with eyes, mouth, and skin. In case of contact with them, rinse immediately with water. 

Keep out of the reach of children.

When in doubt, a little glitter can turn your whole day around.

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