NuGenesis Sparkle Collection (30 Colors): NL01 - NL30

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NuGenesis Sparkle Dip Powder Collection including 30 NU Sparkle Powder Colors: From NL01 to NL30

  • NL01 Starlite
  • NL02 Copper Top
  • NL03 Candy Apple
  • NL04 Cosmic Pink
  • NL05 Day Dreaming
  • NL06 Boogle Nights
  • NL07 First Kiss
  • NL08 Briday Party
  • NL09 My Thai
  • NL10 Sunday Stroll
  • NL11 I Love Gold
  • NL12 Pink Fiesta
  • NL13 My girl
  • NL14 Lemon Lime
  • NL15 Starbright
  • NL16 Canaba Boy
  • NL17 Peek a boo
  • NL18 Lust have
  • NL19 Twinkle toes
  • NL20 Purple rain
  • NL21 Born to sparkle
  • NL22 I'll be waiting
  • NL23 Perfection
  • NL24 Dare we say
  • NL25 When in doubt
  • NL26 Girly girls
  • NL27 Don't judge
  • NL28 I'm a princess
  • NL29 Love it
  • NL30 Taking chances

Brand: NuGenesis

Collection: NuGenesis Sparkle Collection

Size: 1.5oz

Type: Dipping Powder

Features: Dip Powder

Condition: New Item

PLEASE NOTE: Color samples/ images may vary depending on different monitors and screens. It is up to the buyer to do their research for the product they are purchasing. Packaging may vary.

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